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Turkey Hangover

November 27th, 2006

I am sad Thanksgiving is over.  It is really my favorite holiday – lots of good food, surrounded by family, a long weekend, and no gifts to obsess over or decorations to worry about.  It’s a low stress holiday for me and I’m a big fan.  Now it’s Monday…again…and I have to go back to that place (they insist I show up every Monday if I want a paycheck – sheesh, they are so demanding).  I hope all of you out there in blogland had a lovely holiday weekend.  We truly did.  My mom was in town and I enjoyed hanging out with her.  I managed to avoid anything resembling a shopping mall all weekend – although we did stop at a few cool non-mall places.  We ate well all weekend.  Thanksgiving day was spent with my mom, Steve and my wonderful in-laws.  What more could a girl ask for (well other than some good news on the freaking adoption front…but let’s not go down that road today).


After several of you expressed shock and awe that I was still trying to keep up with blogs the old fashioned way, I did sign up for Bloglines.  I tried Sage,which is a firefox plug in, first but was having trouble getting it to work correctly.  I have to say I’m torn about my feelings for Bloglines.  I love the convenience of looking in one place to see who has updated.  No more wasted time waiting for a blog to load (stupid blogger) only to find that it wasn’t updated. But it feels so much more impersonal reading through bloglines.  I’m adjusting and for the most part liking it. Thanks for the tip ladies!


My success for the weekend is that I managed to pack Sabrina’s suitcase and it is under the 50 lb limit!  Woohoo!  It’s about 45 lbs…all of her things, including the bumbo and the bouncy seat, and 4 of the 6 ziplocs we are taking are in it.  You should have seen me trying to weigh it on our scale without actually using the method of stepping on the scale and then holding it to see what it added to my weight.  I didn’t want to know my weight.


I have about a dozen people signed up for the secret blog pal plan.  (See previous post.)  We will keep accepting new names until next Sunday.  Sign up if you are interested.  We’ve received several from those who don’t have blogs but read blogs and want to be part of the international adoption community – it’s fun to hear from some new folks!

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