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November 29th, 2006


We got our surprise visit photos this morning!  She’s such a cutie!


Holy crap people! Only 7 days!  In 7 days I get to hold Sabrina!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  I’ve been excited but still relatively calm up until the last couple of days.  But now?  Do you remember that feeling you would get as a small child counting down the days until Christmas when it was so close you could hardly stand it?  Or the last week of school – trying to concentrate to get through the end but ready to jump out of your skin because you were so ready for summer to start?  That is totally me this week.  Excited, distracted, day-dreaming.  It is probably a good thing that I will be away at a conference the last 2 days before we leave because I would get nothing done at work.  I keep trying to imagine how it will feel when they put her in my arms – but my brain can’t even begin to comprehend it.

I’ve been struggling with a couple of logistical things – perhaps the old pros can help me.

First, I want to drink coffee.  I am not an addict by any means but I love a good cup of coffee.  But, I’m afraid to drink the water.  Do they heat the coffee hot enough to kill any bacteria?  I know the hotels filter their water but I’m still a little nervous – I really don’t want to spend my precious days with Sabrina locked in the bathroom.  And if I can drink the coffee, do they offer cream?  Because I can’t do it black.  And is the cream safe?  I’m taking my own sweetner because I fear they don’t know about the pink stuff or the yellow stuff.  Should I not be nervous if we stick to the food and beverages in the hotel?

Second, I know the business center at our hotel has computers with internet access.  I will try to update my blog and email my mother.  But I don’t know if I can upload photos.  We are taking a crappy laptop to store photos on because we know our memory stick will likely be full at least once a day.  But will anyone object if I use my camera cable to upload photos in the business center?  Is the connection fast enough to not make me want to poke out my eyes if I do this?  Or should I just leave everyone in suspense until we return as far as photos go?

Third, it will be December.  I am trying to decide what to pack.  The 10 day forecast says our first full day there will be 68 and raining.  Is that a humid 68 where I will still want short sleeves or is that a damp 68 where I will wish I had a sweater?  I was planning to take capris, shorts (for the family floor), and short sleeves with just 1 sweater in case it got chilly in the evening but now I am worried I might want some more long sleeves.  Veterans who have been there in December?

Half of my office is coming down with something.  I want to put a bubble around my desk because I so do not want to be sick while visiting Sabrina.  Don’t these people know better than to come to work and spread their germs?  Did I mention I will be there in 7 days?!?

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