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Snowy Sunday

January 28th, 2007

It’s snowing and quiet here today.  Steve is sick.  The dog is bored.  I’m wrapped up in blankets watching really bad movies.  There is no football to watch.  I spent more than I should have at Target yesterday so even if it wasn’t snowing I couldn’t go shopping.  Speaking of Target, ours was having a lot of clearance sales if anyone else out there is bored today.  I picked up 4 pairs of shoes for Sabrina for only $2 and $3 dollars each.  I also got her a Steelers jersey (50% off) and a little pink cheerleaders outfit (75% off) for next football season (surely she will be home by NEXT football season, right?!?).

Other than that, I’ve got nothing today people.  Sorry.  I did list the adoption marble magnets on E-bay – Russia, China, and Guatemala.  Check here if you are interested.  I know, I know, after putting up such a fight over giving out the listing for my earrings I am shamelessly plugging the magnets.  I figured this is the target audience for the magnets and they are fun and inexpensive so I would put it out there for you all.  Again, no pity bids!  And if anyone has special requests, I can make more.

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