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Monday Morning Memo

February 26th, 2007

Dear Co-worker:
Perhaps you aren’t aware, so let me take this opportunity to inform you that there are unwritten bathroom etiquettes that we follow in this office. First, whenever possible, always leave an empty stall between you and anyone else using the facilities. Second, if you are having a conversation with someone on your way into the bathroom stalls, don’t assume that person wants to continue the conversation during her use of the facilities.  If you receive nothing but monosyllabic responses, it might be an indication that the other party would rather pick up where you left off when you meet up at the sinks.  Not everyone is comfortable tinkling and talking.

Thank you,
The management

P.S. Sorry for the cranky tone.  My head is so stuffed up that I can only hear out of one ear and only have 21% usage of my one functioning nostril.  Add that to the fact I haven’t had a cigarette in 12 days and you’ve got one big old crank butt on your hands.  But still, stop using the stall right next to me when there are 5 open ones further down!

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