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Trying to be blissful

February 28th, 2007

I got a nice little ego boost this morning from my husband.  First he said that my outfit looked great then after a moments thought he asked if I had a crush on someone at my meeting this morning.  I figured I must look nice if he is wondering if I dressed to impress another man – he is not jealous but nice for him to wonder.  Of course this opinion was shored up by the homeless man who told me I looked nice on the way to my meeting – didn’t even ask me for a quarter after he complimented me.  Guess I should wear skirts more often – it’s good for the ego. 

My meeting went well I suppose.  But can I just tell all of you out in corporate America that powdered creamer is not acceptable?  I don’t care if it changes the color of my coffee; it isn’t cream – its crap!

Then I returned to the office to discover my dealer Girl Scout mom isn’t in today so I have to wait until tomorrow for my cookie fix.  Fortunately, my day started out happy enough that I survived the cream debacle and the cookie disappointment.

You may all wonder why I am talking about compliments and creamer and cookies instead of the elephant in the room – the Protocolo announcement set for tomorrow which could royally screw us all if they try to implement it.  I’m refusing to read about it or research it or even think about it.  We’ve been through this scare twice since I started this adoption and I just can’t handle anymore drama.  When and if they make this announcement, I will be a lemming and listen only to what my agency has to say about it.  I will not comb every message board and website that I can find for further information.  I will read strictly my agency’s opinion and otherwise bury my head in the sand.  I can’t believe that there will be anything else that will muck up or slow down our adoption.  Denial is working for me right now and I choose to believe that ignorance is bliss because being well informed did nothing for me except begin eating a hole in my stomach lining and thin my hair a bit.

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  1. Tim Says:

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