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Today is 2 weeks in PGN

March 19th, 2007

The real-ness of this has hit me.  Our lives are about to change in just about every way imaginable.  Even something as simple as taking a shower is about to become more complicated.  Lazy Sundays as we know them will cease to exist.  Sleeping in?  Ha – kiss that good bye.  Not thinking about dinner until 9pm is a thing of the past. 

I spent the weekend reminding Steve that we only have 3 more weekends alone together.  Only 3 more weeks of being the us we’ve always been.  I have to say it caused a little bit of anxiety for me.  He has a buffer period while I am in Antigua of being a lazy bachelor but this is it for me.  I’m not regretting it – just realizing the enormity of what we are about to take on.  It’s exciting and scary but it also makes me a little nostalgic (yes, already – I’m a sap sometimes, deal with it) for being so blasé about my freedom.  So here is a little list of things you should do before bringing home your baby (author shares no liability if any of these items violate morals, ethics, or laws in the contiguous Unites States):

1.  Party like a rock star one last time.
2.  Go to a movie in the theater.  It will be the last one for awhile.
3.  Buy a designer handbag or shoes that cost more than the rent on your first apartment.
4.  Take a trip somewhere other than the country you are adopting from and enjoy the lack of diapers and bottles.
5.  Spend a Sunday in your underwear, on the couch, watching bad lifetime movies, eating popcorn and ice cream.
6.  Have dinner in several non-child friendly restaurants, drink wine, don’t cut anyone else’s meat.
7.  Wear all of the silk blouses you own.  They are not drool friendly and you won’t be digging them out again for awhile.  Also wear all of your high heels and admire how good they make your legs look – they aren’t comfy when chasing around a little one.  Speaking of legs, shave them. That might not happen again for awhile either.
8.  Get a good haircut.

9.  Do something immature and stupid.  Moon someone.  Toilet paper your boss’s house.  Make out at the movies.  Just get it out of your system.  After your baby is home you have to “set an example”.  Just don’t get caught – your homestudy agency may frown on you making the newspaper in that way.
10.  Have crazy, wild monkey sex in the kitchen.

Feel free to include your own suggestions in the comments.

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