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188 days since our referral**

March 20th, 2007

We’ve officially been in PGN for 12 business days – 15 calendar days. If things are working as they are supposed to in PGN (and who really knows if that is the case), we should be done with our first round reviewer. The first and second reviewer each has 10 business days to review our file and find a reason for a previo (kick out). If they are following that time line, we should either have a previo or be off the second review’s desk and onto Barrios’ desk by holy week. The crazy thing is that I want to get that previo call this week or next. I want it to be something silly like them saying a document is missing when it is already in our file so we can be resubmitted the next day. I am afraid that if we don’t get a previo from the lower level reviews, Barrios will find something, anything after our file has been sitting on his desk for weeks. I fear the result of that might be a really ugly, hard to fix previo that comes after we’ve already been in PGN for 8 or 9 weeks.

I have found this odd peace since we decided I would go down and foster (okay since I quit freaking out about going down to foster). Knowing that regardless of what happens in PGN, I will be with Sabrina in just over 3 weeks and that I never have to hand her back has allowed me to let go of the process to a certain degree (maybe I’m just behaving like a normal person now instead of one who is obsessed). My only fear now is that we get one of those ugly, hard to fix previos and I end up living in Antigua for a long time. Not that I mind the thought of living in Antigua, it would just be hard financially and emotionally (I would miss Steve!) to be away for that long. But that is the chance we are taking because we feel it is best for Sabrina to be with one of us.

Speaking of ugly, hard to fix previos, Erin and Cheri (both on my blogroll) have both received one. After already dealing with this issue for several months, yesterday they received bad news after meeting with PGN on how to fix the problem (both dealing with same issue). PGN was not accommodating. My heart breaks for both of them being away from their husbands that long. Go send them some love.

Hadyn, who previously had an ugly, hard to fix previo, has been back in PGN for over 6 weeks! We are praying she gets that coveted OUT call soon. It’s been a long road for her and her family. **UPDATED** Hadyn got her OUT call about an hour after I wrote this entry. WOOHOO!! Maybe I need to start writing posts like this more often!

And some good news, Sig got her OUT call on Friday evening. She’s going to have Abby in her arms forever a few days before Easter.�

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