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Carnac the Magnificent

March 23rd, 2007

It’s Friday.  It’s raining.  It’s ugly and gray outside (but not cold).  My coffee shop was out of my favorite creamer.  I have 1 week left at work.  I’m feeling a little blah.  Given an hour meeting with 2 different people and a box to pack my crap into and I could walk out of here this afternoon with everything wrapped up.  Yep, next week is going to be boring. 

In adoption world, I’ve got nothing.  I don’t expect to have any news until we get a previo.  I’m waiting for that call. I really thought we would get it this week.  Today marks the end of 3 weeks in PGN.  Still a long way to go.  I talked with my case worker about fostering yesterday.  I’m still having anxiety over housing.  I thought I had something lined up but I can’t get in touch with the person handling the rental so I’m getting the feeling I might have to go back to the drawing board to find somewhere to live.  I’m sad because the place seemed perfect and I could see us living there happily.

After my saying I hoped Hadyn got OUT and then she did an hour later, a reader has requested that I play Carnac the Magnificent (if you are too young to know who that is…just hush up).  I believe Johnny always gave the answer before reading the question.  So the answer is [holding the sealed envelope to my forehead] “Today.”  And the question….ripping open the envelope….”When do I hope that Cheryl and Colleen get out of PGN?”  I’ve never done the Carnac bit before but I aim to please.  (Johnny was much funnier.)  I really do pray you are out soon.

And I might have some fun news to share later today.  Shhhh…it’s a surprise.

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