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Shopping shouldn’t made you feel old

March 25th, 2007

I went to Old Navy last night to pick up a couple of pairs of shorts I could bum around in at the Antigua house. Sounded like an easy errand. I wanted something inexpensive and comfy – Old Navy seemed like just the ticket. Wow. When did I get so old? I spent the entire time walking around the store thinking they needed a geriatric section just for me. About 80% of the shorts had a 2 inch inseam – meaning butt checks hang out of the bottom and we won’t even discuss what my thighs might look like in them. The other 20% came to my knees. I just want normal length shorts – thigh and butt coverage but short enough to be cool on hot days. And the 2 pairs that I found that they called mid-length (meaning normal), were super low rise waist. I hate that because I have no hips or butt (but I have an over abundance of everything else) so I always feel like my pants are falling down. The super low rise often gives even well proportioned girls/women a muffin top – I really will be glad when this trend is over. And one of the 2 pairs was linen. I don’t want linen! Linen looks fabulous on the hanger but looks like you were on a 3 day bender after you wear it for 20 minutes.

Then we went to Baby Depot to do some crib shopping.  My wonderful mother-in-law gave us a generous gift card for there at Christmas.  Steve quickly pointed out his 2 favorite and I liked them both.  Only 1 of those 2 converted to a toddler bed so we went with that one.   It’s looking like baby central in our hallway – crib box, stroller in a box, activity table we bought at the consignment store a few weeks ago.  Maybe we’ll have a baby at home to use it all soon!


Just a crib – nothing spectacular.  It looks nice and the price was right (meaning the gift card covered it).

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