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April 25th, 2007

Sorry, I didn’t even get my camera out today.  It was a rather hot and sweaty afternoon.  A small group of us had lunch together in a very warm room.  I realized my daughter LOVES any Guatemalan woman who smiles at her.  She had been whining at me for 3 hours but the second the nannies at the luncheon started playing with her, she was giggling great belly laughs!  She loved them – I started feeling a little neurotic about that.  But she was happy and I had 2 free hands to eat so I muddled through.

My mom arrives on Thursday – so a little piece of home will certainly make me feel better.  Monday marked 7 weeks in PGN for us.  Someone from our agency who re-entered PGN 3 days after us got out tonight so I’m hoping to receive that same call this week sometime.

I’m not having much success at pushing Sabrina’s bedtime to a more reasonable hour.  When we picked her up, she was going to bed at 11pm.  I managed to adjust it to 10 but she’s not budging any earlier than that.  I hate bedtime.  I start trying to rock her to sleep every night at 9 – we have a whole little routine.  I can’t put her in her crib before she is completely asleep or a total meltdown occurs.   So every night I spend an hour trying to get her to go down earlier than 10 because frankly by 10pm I am so wiped out I can’t get anything done after she goes to bed.  Any tips out there on getting a little one to bed earlier?  I hear all of these moms talk about their little ones going down around 8 pm and I am so jealous.

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