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Basking in our Post OUT glow

April 29th, 2007

Amazing how for 24 hours you are so excited to be OUT and then immediately your mind turns to when you can actually bring them home. Seegal calls this Pink Disease. Sabrina’s birth certificate is coming from an area that is supposed to be pretty fast (for those not involved we have to wait for them to reissue her birth certificate with our last name). I need to look up what has to happen before we are submitted for pink so I have a clear understanding of exactly what we are waiting for.

It has been wonderful to have my mom here – the extra set of hands helps so much! I have been able to take showers, followed imediately by getting dressed and drying my hair – no one cried at all. Luxurious! My hats off to all of you single moms or moms of multiples out there.

We are still working on the schedule. Yesterday she napped for 90 minutes in the morning but woke up after only 30 in the afternoon. She woke up very angry in the afternoon and it took 15 minutes to calm her down. Then because of the missed afternoon nap, she was exhausted in the evening. I tried to keep her up until 8 but she fell asleep at 7:30. She was up at 8:30 because our neighbors decided 15 minutes of firecrackers would be fun. Then she was up for an hour at midnight – not sure what that was about. She slept in until 8 this morning. Weird.

A couple of photos from yesterday:

On our way to the grocery store. Three generations braved the Bodegona on a Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t pretty.


Still working on our sitting up skills. She improves every day.



But she still falls over when she realizes what she is doing.


Could my kid look any happier?  Not that I take credit for it…she just has a sweet disposition.

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