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Middle class guilt and a screened in porch

April 30th, 2007

We are poor at the moment because we just made our final adoption payment as well as paying a mortgage in PA, rent in Antigua, and now rent in TN all while going from 2 incomes to 1.  Because of that I find it ironic that for the first time in my life I have hired help.  Leda comes 2 days a week for a couple of hours.  She is a sweet girl.  She cleans and watches Sabrina so I can take a shower and get dressed without a meltdown 2 days each week.  I don’t speak Spanish and she doesn’t speak English so our interactions are somewhat comical.  My ability to order a beer doesn’t really help in asking her to clean the shower.  I feel guilty the entire time she is here – I hate asking her to clean up my messes for what amounts to about $7.  But I love that my dishes are done, my bathroom is clean and Sabrina isn’t sobbing because I took a shower.  Today I was saying I would see her on Thursday and I think she quit.  I think she told me she found a job with someone who wanted her everyday.  I understand that if I actually understood what she said.  So I guess I’ll see if she shows up on Thursday.  If not, then I guess she quit and my Spanish has expanded slightly beyond ordering a beer.

Steve spent the day in TN yesterday looking at apartments.  After he got over the sticker shock, he picked out an apartment for us.  I’ve seen the floor plan and pictures of the development – it looks like he did a good job.  I really like the screened veranda – I think the screen will allow us to enjoy it a lot more than just an open balcony.  He says the area seems nice and there is a good bit of green space.  He moves in next weekend.  I hate that all of this is happening while I am away.

My mom left this morning.  I was sad to see her go – it was great having a face from home as well as an extra set of hands around the house.  And she cooked for me – I’ve been too lazy/tired to care much about food (amazing I know considering how much I love food) so it was nice to have some decent meals.

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