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June 3rd, 2007

I’m trying to fit all of my crap into 4 suitcases while keeping them under 50 lbs.  I feel an overweight charge in my future but we’ll see.  We are leaving for Guatemala City in the morning and travelling all day on Tuesday.  I don’t think you’ll see another post from me until we are on U.S. soil.

We had brunch today with Eliana and Cheri.  I felt so sad leaving them…especially since she still has no answers on the process to fix her previo.  Keep them in your thoughts.  But brunch was lovely – it was good to sit down with them one last time.  A couple of photos to keep everyone happy until I am back in the states.

Dinner at Frida’s last night:


Brunch today:


I didn’t realize until I saw this photo that my t-shirt looks really sloppy because it is a bit big on me now.


Noticing a theme here?  I’m actually missing Sabrina a bit because I’ve been letting daddy hog her since he has been away from her for almost 2 months and has to leave her again once we return home.   Tonight, he was putting her down for the night (a job I’ve retained even after his arrival).  She was sobbing.  It took everything in me to walk away and let him calm her down.  It isn’t that I feel he isn’t capable – he has infinite patience.  I just felt like she might want mommy.  But I did walk away and he did get her down for the night.

Adios my friends for a couple of days.  We will take lots of photos while we make our way home so you will all get a big dose of cuteness on Wednesday.

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