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Last Weekend of September

September 30th, 2007

We went to an art festival yesterday. I love love love art festivals. I have a pottery fetish but love the glass and jewelry and photography and other funky wares too. It was a bit on the hot side walking around in the sun – definitely a different feel than this time of year in Pittsburgh. The festival was held in the park with the Parthenon. Yes, you heard correctly – the Parthenon. Did you know we have a full size replica here in Nashville? I had no idea either. It is kind of cool looking but one of this things that makes me cock my head and say “huh?”


Me on the acropolis near the real Parthenon many moons ago:


A private Sabrina and Daddy moment (guess it sopped being private when I snapped a photo and then posted it on the net?)



Mommy and Sabrina dancing to Def Leopard – can anyone not want to dance when Pour Some Sugar On Me comes on the radio?


Today? I have no plans beyond doing some laundry and wandering out to get a Sunday paper and peach smoothie from Sonic. Do you have Sonic near you? The food generally sucks but the drinks are awesome. Right now they have the peach smoothies. If you haven’t tried one, run – now – and get one. Nirvana for your mouth.

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10 Responses to “Last Weekend of September”

  1. Debra Says:

    Wow, I just learned something about Nashville. The green grass and all the columns were my first clue that you weren’t in Athens. We honeymooned in Greece and I don’t remember any cool art festivals at the Parthenon. Thanks for the georgraphy lesson. I swear I learn something everyday by reading blogs 🙂

  2. sandi Says:

    I have been to that very Parthenon. Very interesting indeed.

    Sounds like a nice day at home.

  3. Farrah Says:

    Smoothies from Sonics ROCK…..
    What happened to Hubby in said picture???
    Sabrina is cute as eveahhhh

  4. ani Says:

    She’s such a happy little girl! And, yes, who doesn’t break out in dance when Def Leppard comes on the radio????

  5. tonya Says:

    love it! ha

  6. Bobbi Says:

    Don’t have a sonic—but sounds like we need one!!

    Love the pic of you and Sabrina dancing. Michelle, you look like you have lost a lot of weight!

    OH, and I forgot in the other post that I love Sabrina’s shoes!!!!

  7. kelly Says:

    loooove the cherry limeades at Sonic. and the strawberry limeades…mmmm!

  8. Tessie Says:

    I’ll see you the Peach Smoothie and RAISE you an extra-long chili-cheese coney.

  9. Alleen Says:

    I’ll have to choose another flavor smoothie, but they do have good drinks 🙂 I like the Orange creamsicle one.

    I can’t wait for the art festival season to kick off here, though fortunately it hasn’t yet as it is still so hot.

  10. Sarah Says:

    What a great weekend. Sabrina is the cutest!!! Her smile just lights up the computer screen!

    Sarah and Sophie~Bug

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