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Another successful playdate

November 13th, 2007

I’ve been so fortunate to meet so many wonderful people through my blog and my adoption. I’m actually surprised by how smoothly most of my meetings have gone with these people who I have little more in common with than adoption or blogging. What are the odds that I would enjoy each of them?

At the blogger coffee I mentioned 2 weeks ago, I met Elizabeth. Elizabeth then facilitated today’s play date with the lovely Julie and Lexi. Our beautiful little Guatemalan tots had fun playing together while the 3 mommies chatted. A couple of photos with faces other than Sabrina’s averted or cropped out (I don’t post photos of others without permission). And I finally got to see what a bonus room is (houses in this area all seem to have them and I had no idea what it meant – basically a large room you can use as you wish but they seem to end up being rec rooms in a lot of homes with kids).



And just a cute one of Sabrina in her jammies the other day.


Sabrina took the dreaded 10 minute nap in the car on the way home so she wants to call that her nap for the day. Mommy respectfully disagrees and is going to try and wear her out and put her down in a bit.

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11 Responses to “Another successful playdate”

  1. Soltana Says:

    LOVE those jammies!!!!

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Exactly! Where did you get those jammies???

  3. Alleen Says:

    Ah yes, the power nap in the car. The bane of every parent’s existence.

    Those are some cute jammies! Do they have feet? Gabriella won’t keep socks on.

  4. admin Says:

    The jammies do have feet – they are from the Baby Gap.

  5. carla Says:

    you are SO SOCIAL

    thats your mominy merit badge for the month.

  6. jeneflower Says:

    I hate those short car seat naps! I do everything in my power to keep PP from doing that, otherwise she will never go down during the day.

  7. Bobbi Says:

    OK, I was going to comment on the jammies, but everyone else did, so I am not going to say how cute they were. NOPE, not going to!!

    She looked so cute all dressed up for her playdate. Glad you are being so social. It is a weak area fror me. I would rather complain I am lonely!

    OH, the power naps. Those suck. Thankfully, Reese does ok if he falls asleep in the car, I can USUALLY get him into his crib, and have him stay there. Hope you had success!

  8. TNKerry Says:

    Your excitement over seeing a bonus room for the first time cracks me up!!!!!!!!!

  9. tonya Says:

    I hate those power naps. I have a kids music tape in the van I play when the babes want to nap and I dont want them to. Whenever I play it they want to sing and it keeps them awake until we get home!

  10. laura Says:

    that is so funny about the power naps – kaenen does exactly the same thing! i am so jealous of the cute jammies – i can never find cute stuff like that for boys…….

    i also had a question for you if you wouldn’t mind emailing me………..thanks!

  11. Samantha Says:

    oh, the car seat nap. kills me.
    similar to the get a bottle and go to sleep but then pop up 5 minutes later AS IF a nap had actually been taken.

    hey, did you see that the pokemon ebay lady is now getting 20-30 THOUSAND hits to her blog daily? She was on ABC news, was offered a sitcom writing position, and is soon to be a published author. holy mommy blogging!

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