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November 14th, 2007

How is that for a creative title?

Project Runway is on tonight! Woohoo! Steve rolls his eyes at me but I love it.

A lot of people are resorting to memes to fulfill their NaBloPoMo obligation. I won’t do a full one but I will add one random thing about me:

I have an irrational hatred for lady bugs. When I had my log cabin in Ohio, lady bugs would infest it every spring and fall. I would spend about an hour twice a day vacuuming up the lady bugs. It got personal. I loath them. And they bite. Little buggers. Unless you have lived with thousands of them moving into your house, you have no idea what I am talking about. I don’t mean 20 or 30 – I mean thousands without exaggeration. This photo is not one I took but I can relate:


They would cover my bathroom window, ceiling fan, living room window, loft wall – it was disgusting. I would sometimes find a ball of them behind a print on the wall in the winter. I called exterminators – they said they couldn’t help. Apparently they were imported from Japan to eat aphids in rose gardens and they have no natural predators in the states. I saw 3 on our porch today and killed them fast. I felt like they came all the way from Ohio to mock me. Hey, I admitted it was irrational.

Lastly, every one but Karena can ignore this paragraph. I just wanted to say congrats – Harry is beautiful! I’ve been checking in on your blog and waiting for you to turn the comments on so that I could say hi and congrats but I’ve finally realized that I needed to find another way to say it. Hopefully you check in and see this. (For the rest of you, Karena sent Sabrina her very first pair of shoes – some darling Robeez – along with good wishes all the way from Belguim right after we got our referral.)

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18 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. TNKerry Says:

    Once I had the 20-30 ladybug invasion in my home right at the window. I thought it was pretty cool, showed them to my son, then pushed them all out of the window. I have never seen anything like that picture in my life and I would have to say that would give me the creeps!!!

  2. Mary Says:

    I to hate the lady bugs.I live in southern ohio.When we lived in the country I had to suck them all up with the shop vac before we could go to sleep.There were hundreds upon hundreds of them invading my house.Im glad we moved back to civilization.Now i see mabey a few of them flying around.And they stink to.

  3. Amanda Says:

    Wow…that is a lot of lady bugs! I have never seen more than three or four together at once. They must be taking over the world.

  4. Soltana Says:

    A friend of mine her in VA..had the same problem…now when I see like 5 on my ceiling I start freaking out that a million more will follow!!!
    The kids stil llike them though..

    OH CRAP i missed Project Runway!!!

  5. Kristi Says:

    I had the same problem in my old little log cabin in the woods.

  6. Alleen Says:

    ok… ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I never had an issue with them until seeing that picture and reading your description… I now have the willies. And they bite?????? Who knew?

  7. melany Says:

    Hmmm, how strange. I would hate them too – really a lot of anything like that is creepy – no matter how cute one is. Picture being infested by butterflies or even kittens. Yuck. LOL

  8. tonya Says:

    Yup– Asian Lady Beetle. They are crawling all over the outside of my house and in my kitchen right now. I was hoping it would freeze real hard before they could get in the house.

  9. Trace Says:

    My parents have that vacation house, right? They did something similar to ecologically eliminate some sort of pest infestation with these big black annoying flies.

  10. Steph Says:

    Omgosh, all the women adopting from China would probably pass out from joy with the sight of so many ladybugs! Who knew that they bite? Yuck!

  11. Katie Says:

    I have hundreds of them on my ceiling right now, just my luck that it’s vaulted and I can’t get to them. Arghh I might have to get out the BIG ladder and have my husband climb up there with the vacuum

  12. Bobbi Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your posting everyday. I look forward to checking it out. No matter what, I always get a chuckle out of something you have said.

    EWWWWWWWWW on the lady bugs. They infest my house too, but not like that. We get fruit flies!!

  13. Tam Says:

    Yo! Ladybugs bite?! I’ve never seen that many together, but I guess an infestation of ANYTHING would be totally gross. Yuck!

  14. Amy Says:

    Oh know!!! Not the lady bugs again. To those who read Mikki’s (Michelle’s) blog I can attest to the lady bug issue and she is not exaggerating. We used to share an office and everyday I had to hear tales of the lady bugs and her Hoovering efforts. Mondays were the worst because she had two days of pent up rage at these harmless little creatures that were apprently put on Earth to solely to drive her crazy.

    Maybe I can send some “flying squirrels” your way and you could train them to chase away the lady bugs.

    And also, I know this has nothing to do with today’s post but, I am loving Beana rejecting the meat. I am sending her telepathic messages to embrace my tree hugging vegetarian ways. Or perhaps it is some kind of Vulcan mind meld (that was for you Steve) to feel her mom’s pain at having to previously attend road kill dinners!!! Try veggie burgers and save a cow!!

    Love ya girl!

  15. admin Says:

    My city friend Amy is just bitter because she spent a year convinced I was making up the flying squirrel living on my back deck (we named him Mooney after the master carver from our area). I finally stole, ummm I mean borrowed, a copy of Ranger Rick magazine to prove the existence of flying squirrels. I’m still not sure she doesn’t think I had someone mock up a fake copy of the magazine to convince her.

    If my child demands tofurkey for Thanksgiving I’m coming to Ohio to kick some vegetarian butt.

  16. Soltana Says:

    Thought of you when i saw………….. 4 ladybugs crawling on my ceiling!!!!!!!!!

    Not as bad as your problem…. oh and I caught a rerun of Project Runway!!!!! LOOKS TOO GOOD!!!

  17. carla Says:


  18. Gail Says:

    Question about the Project Runway. . .
    Is this the start of a new season?

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