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December 10th, 2007

I feel kind of bad. You were all so wonderful when I announced my impending miscarriage 10 days ago. It was so amazing to receive all of that support from my bloggy pals. It seems I cried wolf a little too early.

There has been a lot going on with me medically in the past 10 days. I won’t go into it all but it has been a little overwhelming. I got the first inkling of hope last Monday. My doctor’s office called to tell me that my HcG (pregnancy hormone) levels hadn’t doubled between Thursday and Saturday but they had risen significantly (the level is supposed to double every 48-72 hours in early pregnancy). I wasn’t sure what to make of that. On Saturday my doctor had agreed with me that I was miscarrying. Spotting and mild cramping continued. I was still waiting for the miscarriage to happen.

I went back to the doctor this morning and she did another ultrasound. I saw and heard the heartbeat! I can’t even describe that feeling. I’ve never gotten that far in a pregnancy before. Remember I said she gave me the “might have ovulated later than you thought…yada yada yada” speech? Well apparently this time it was correct. According to my HcG levels and the ultrasounds I am now 6w4d.

This pregnancy isn’t a sure thing – not by a long shot. I have a medical issue that complicates pregnancy a good deal. But we’ve now reached a point we’ve never reached before – a heartbeat. I’m supposed to be on bed rest now – she even said I can’t pick up Sabrina. Any idea how that is supposed to work as a stay at home mom? Steve will do everything in his power to make things easy for me when he is home but for 10 hours a day it is me and the girl. I will take it easy. I will stop exercising (they want me to be a fat cow apparently – eat more, move less). I will be a good girl. But I can’t promise not to pick up my daughter. Poor Sabrina is going to be so bored since we are supposed to stay house bound for awhile.

At this point, we are in a wait and see pattern but it felt good to have some hope today.

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82 Responses to “Wolf”

  1. Gail Says:

    I will be praying strength for you and the baby.

  2. tonya Says:

    Yea! (hugs)

  3. Tam Says:

    OMG, Michelle! Praying for you, girl! Wow. What a roller coaster, huh?

  4. Abby from AB Says:

    Michelle-So nice to see some FABULOUS news after a not so fabulous day! Here’s to a great 8 more months! Just think, you’ll be running after 2 next Fall!

  5. emily Says:

    I’m praying for you and Steve! Maybe you ARE the person who “gets pregnant as soon as they adopt”, LOL! I sure hope your levels continue to go up! I might actually have a glimmer of hope!

  6. jenn Says:

    Congrats on the great news! I’ll be sending good thoughts and crossing my fingers that everything continues to go well.

  7. Cynthia Says:

    Oh this is so wonderful! Whatever you need, you call!!!!

  8. Maris from AB Says:

    Michelle, that is WONDERFUL news!! I’m so thrilled for you & Steve. I kept hoping your OB was right. YAY!! I’ll continue thinking of you & hoping for a H & H 9 months!!!

  9. Kecia Says:

    what about a part time sitter…go to http://www.sittercity.com some of the folks do light cleaning and meal prep too. Could have someone come in in the middle of the day do lunch, nap..do some cleaning and fix dinner. Worth finding out about! One Day at a time! Remember to breathe.

  10. Alleen Says:

    oh holy crap. I am so excited for you seeing this. I don’t know what to tell you about the bedrest thing. Definitely tough with a little one. Is there anyone that could help you? yikes…..

    I’m praying for you… I know a healthy heartbeat is definitely a big, big milestone.

  11. Deb Says:


    What an exciting adventure you are on. I am sure it does nto exactly feel that way to you. Little Bug and I wish you health and rest during this time.

    Love and hugs to you,

    Deb AKA Momma bug.

    PS- my sister was told she miscarried always 21 years ago- her daughter will be 21 in January- I hope and pray you will have a happy ending to this adventure in another 8 months.

  12. Rhonda Says:

    How wonderful, exciting and scary all at the same time!!! Sending you many hugs and prayers that things will continue to go well.

    blessings, Rhonda

  13. Cathy Says:

    Wow, what an amazing surprise to find when checking your blog tonight!!! Oh my word, I am so happy for you! The excitement of hearing that heartbeat is just priceless. You must be thrilled and terrified all at the same time. As for picking up Sabrina, maybe you can do more in terms of getting down on the floor with her, sort of going to her rather than having her come to you? Don’t know if that would still count as restful though. Prayers and best wishes that things continue to go well for you and the little bean.

  14. karen Says:

    Very exciting!

  15. Muriel Elrod Says:

    Congratulations…I will keep my fingers crossed. Please rest!!!!

  16. Holly G. Says:

    Wahooo!!!! I’ve been waiting for this good news!!! Bed rest sucks but it will be OH SO WORTH IT!!! I would have loved to see the look on your face as you heard the heartbeat…priceless, I’m sure:)


  17. Kerri Says:

    Fingers and toes crossed that all goes well.
    Kerri and Ruby

  18. Nicole Says:

    Wonderful news!! Congratulations!

  19. Jess Says:

    Just the news I was hoping to hear from you! I’m so excited and you have all of my positive thoughts that things continue to go well.

  20. Rhonda Says:

    I will pray everything goes well for the next 8 months. Is there anyone that can stay with you to help? Have your sweet hubby get lots of movies and things for Sabrina to do inside with you, while you lay on the sofa. Take it easy and best of luck.

  21. Cheri Says:

    OH MICHELLE! I am SOOOOO happy that you have made it further than ever before. I will hope and pray (along with the rest of blogland) that everything goes perfectly over the next 8 months. Please take it easy and ENJOY eating more, moving less!!

  22. TNKerry Says:

    Chills and tears from me after reading this tonight. I am so happy for you!!! I have had quite a few friends experience the cramping and bleeding early in pregnancy and then go on to have healthy, beautiful babies. I will pray that everything will turn out just as well for you!!!

  23. carla Says:

    had you on my mind this morning…and ADORE cheri’s remark of eat more move less 🙂

  24. Laurie Says:

    Also, I just thought of something. Are you eligible for respite care? Illinois has services where you can receive help with child care several times a week from a well-trained professional. Maybe look into it. I think the cost is nominative.

  25. Beth Says:

    I wondered if this post might be coming! OH BABY!
    I know this is an uncertain time, but a hopeful one, too! Take it easy, enjoy being a couch potato, take care of yourself and we will all keep the prayers and good vibes heading your way!

    Idea: replace picking Sabrina up w/ extra snuggle time! Sam calls any tiny spot between the corner of the couch and me the “snuggle spot”. When I was sick once, he stuck like glue… books, movies, naps… it was great!

  26. stacie Says:

    awe YAY. I didn’t see this post yesterday! Heartbeat is good, I don’t know your condition, but HEARTBEAT is GREAT news. YAY!

  27. DD Says:

    I saw that title and my mind raced…!

    And I’m so jealous. I haven’t heard the heartbeat yet. That’s an amazing sound.

  28. Sarah Says:

    Oh WOW!! I don’t check your blog one day and look at the news I missed!! Congratulations on this wonderful news! I would say that resting and popping some bon bons is exactly what you need to be doing! That little peanut is so incredibly blessed to have you for its mommy! Sabrina is going to be a big sister!! What an amazing plan He had for all of you!

  29. cindi Says:

    wow, what incredible news. i have been out of touch, and i missed so much! HUGE congrats on reaching the milestone of a hearbeat!!

  30. Nancy Says:

    Just catching up on my blogs – holy cow!! (pun intended:) )
    so happy to hear your news, good luck!!
    will be praying the time goes by fast.

  31. Dawn from AB board Says:

    What great news!! I’m so happy for you!

  32. artsweet Says:

    AWESOME! Is there anyone who can come over and play with Sabrina while you sit on your arse?

    Hoping all goes smoothly!

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