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December 12th, 2007

First off, you all realized that the list of things about still being young (holding my liquor, staying up late then getting up early) – those were all in my head, right?. A real life friend emailed me and called bullshit – I didn’t realize I wasn’t clear. That is ALL in my head – because I still think I am 20, I think I can do those things until I try and fail miserably.

I have to do a very small amount of whining now. I promise it will be quick. I’m going to sound all self involved and make something that in no one’s universe has anything to do with me all about me. I hate that the writer’s strike is making my bed rest time even more dull than it might be otherwise. There is nothing to TiVo! Everyone is out of new shows. The only things left are bad Christmas movies (damn hormones…the Lifetime ones make me cry now which I find mortifying) and reality shows. I am reading a lot which I love but my judgment wasn’t great with the last crop of books I picked up. /end whine

Steve has been great. He came home from work, played with Sabrina and the dog, made dinner, and did a load of laundry. All while I sat on my butt. I felt rather guilty.

I’m catching a cold. I don’t know how that is possible given that I am eating so healthy no one who knows me would believe it (did you know there are FIVE food groups? I know, I was shocked too) and I’m taking vitamins and iron – my immune system is so beefed up it should be building a fence at the border.

I really want cheesecake. Anyone have a good sugar free or low carb cheesecake recipe? I’ve found a few but I’m not sure which to try.

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16 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I TOTALLY feel ya on the writers strike!!!!! All I want to do in the evening is sit and watch 1 hr of decent TV. Last night I ended up watching (and falling asleep to) Winnie the Pooh’s Christmas…..PATHETIC!!!!!!!

    Good luck on the cheesecake, Im not a big fan so no recipies here!


  2. Jamie Says:

    I was just whining about the writer’s strike. I feel for you though. I couldn’t imagine being on bedrest with no tv. Time to pick a show you never really got into and netflix or rent the seasons, Michelle!

  3. Kim Says:

    I agree with the Netflix/renting thing on a series you’ve never watched before. I would also suggest the book “The Glass Castle.” It was suggested to me before vacation and it was AMAZING!! I’m reading “Three Cups of Tea” right now and it’s also very good.

  4. Rachael Says:

    I’m there with ya on the writer’s strike. Thank goodness for blogging to fill the gaps!

  5. Kim Says:

    I agree, the writer’s strike sucks! I love my DVR. It always gave me something to watch in the middle of the night while I’m feeding the baby. Now there’s nothing to watch.
    I also wanted to tell you a good friend of mine is 36 and pregnant and doing wonderfully. This is her first pregnancy, they tried for over 5 years. They’ve moved her due date up twice now because the baby’s getting so big now. She had to do all of the high risk stuff with the genetics and everything is perfect. So try to relax and take care of yourself.

  6. Melissa Says:

    Doesn’t the cheesecake factory make one?

  7. Ashley J Says:

    First of all… when I pass a mirror ( which I try to avoid) I usually turn and look for my mom because *I* should still be looking like the 18 year old that is stuck in my head… not the transforming (falling south)32 year old I see when I pass the mirror. And yes… I have some serious reality checks when I think my wardrobe should come from the Jr. section only to realize that I have to wear like 10 sizes larger in Juniors and all kinds of cover up things beneath them. (IE… leggins, cami’s…)

    AND… interesting to note that your mucous doubles at the beginning of your pregnanacy. So the cold you are catching may be from that little peanut you are growing who just needs more mucous… don’t remember why…something about linings and such… but still I remember that it is a side effect of being prego.

  8. Steph Says:

    Oh pregnant lady. Let me introduct you to my little friend, the Oreo “cheesecake” truffle. You are going to want to name your little baby truffle after me when you eat this. It’s okay – you don’t have to. 😉 No sugar added – but sugar in the ingredients.

    In a Cuisinart (or blender) on pulse – blend/crush a package of Oreos until they are like coffee grounds (I use Newmans’ Own because it makes me feel healthier!LOL!) . Then add an 8oz. package of cream cheese. Softened a bit before you toss it in. Blend it until it’s a big, black, smushy ball.

    Then take little walnut sized pieces and roll them into little balls. Place on waxed paper. Once they are all done, take a package of semi-sweet chocolate chips and melt in the microwave in a glass bowl (30 seconds at a time, stir, then another 30 seconds, stir – until totally melted). Take one ball at a time and smush it around in the melted chips with 2 spoons or forks – whatever. Then take it out and put it back on the wax paper to harden.

    They look not so pretty – for parties I melt some white chocolate and pipe it on to decorate. I can honestly tell you, every single person that has them wants to marry me. Okay maybe not. But they keep in the fridge and you can pop them out when you need a little chocolate-y goodness. SO good.

  9. Baby Johns Crib Says:

    Hey, no advice, but congratulations, and know that you will be in my prayers!!!

  10. Cathy Says:

    solution to the writer’s strike? buy old shows on itunes! if you haven’t seen top chef, buy both seasons. that should keep you busy for a little while. 🙂

  11. Lou Says:

    OH MICHELLE!!!!! I haven’t read for a while, and THIS is what I find out!!!! YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!! I started from the bottom up, so I rode the whole rollercoaster!!!!!!! Girlfriend, I am just so happy for you. I’m a prayer, and I’m praying that this baby is perfect in every way!

  12. Farrah Says:

    Writer Strike I didn’t know there was such a thing…Sorry I only read Dora and Dr Suess…LOL

    I agree Cheesecake Factory…

  13. jenn Says:

    The one time I’m grateful that I don’t get to watch “adult” tv – it’s all Spongebob and cartoon network for me most of the time. Hopefully, the Writer’s Strike will end soon.

    I think you deserve a piece of cheesecake. Being on bed rest is hard work. LOL

  14. Corey Says:

    I am reading Middlesex, and it is good, I also enjoy Greg Isle books
    Low carb cheese cake, I have several good receipes, most are for individual services and are based on a no flour/ no sugar diet…let me know if you are interested

  15. stacie Says:

    I agree on the writer’s strike, it sucks, for us AND for them.
    Have hubby rent you a bunch of movies. 🙂

    Yum cheesecake, I sadly have no recipes for you though.

  16. Cheryl Says:


    Before I type it out, are you allergic to nuts? You may think I am nuts if I give you the recipe, but I have a FANTASTIC recipe for cheesecake that has virtually no sugar and is packed with nut protein. I have served it at parties and no one has been able to tell the difference. And these are parties of hardy midwestern-type meat eaters. Let me know if you are interested . . .


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