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New Coat

December 17th, 2007

Steve and I have spent way too much time giggling over Sabrina in her new winter coat and hat.


Sabrina on the other hand isn’t nearly as amused by it as we are.


Makes me think of Ralphie’s brother in Christmas Story.

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23 Responses to “New Coat”

  1. Ashley Says:

    That is SUCH a cute coat! We got M one a week or so ago… BRU only had 4 different styles and they were UG!

  2. Gail Says:

    What happened to her hands? They are lost!! I love the hat!!

  3. Tam Says:

    LOL! I thought the same thing when I put Kevin in his snowsuit. She looks adorable and only slightly less happy than he was…

  4. Tera Says:

    One of my favorite lines from that movie…

    “He looks like a pink nightmare…” LOL…gets me everytime! : P

    Sabrina on the other hand looks ADORABLE in her pink jacket. Love the hat too!

    God bless.

  5. Jessica Says:

    So cute!!! We refer to the same movie every time we put on Jaden’s coat on him. His coat is not pink though! LOL!!

  6. mama k Says:

    I gave up on the hat thing. I am sure everyone who sees my son’s bare head will think I am a neglectful mother but it’s just not worth the tantrum. Surely no one has died from going hatless. 😉

  7. Holly G. Says:

    I LOVE the crying pics and Sabrina hardly ever gets upset so this is a real treat;) She is adorable!!!

  8. Jen Says:

    Oh my gosh… she is the cutest ever! My son had a jacket just like that (minus the pink)… huge down warm coat… like a bundled babushka! Do you need winter coats in TN? Bummer!

  9. Sarah Says:

    ADORABLE! Where on earth did you get that awesome hat? I must find a fun hat like that for the Bug!!

  10. carla Says:


    we’re a mixed marriage here. Ive seen it and chris hadnt even HEARD OF IT until I told him about it—–but we’ve weathered that storm.

  11. Ginger Says:

    I love it!!! I laugh everytime I put Maya’s coat on. She gets so stiff and acts like she can’t even walk. I too have laughed way too much about this.

  12. Ellie Says:

    Too Cute!!!!

  13. Alleen Says:

    heehee. I guess I’m missing out some good photo ops living in FL!

  14. Trace Says:

    It does look like Ralphie!! Is it that cold there? I always think of that area as warmer.

  15. Julia Says:


  16. stacie Says:

    oh my goodness…she is so cute, I could swoop her up and hug her….Love it even if she hates it!!!

  17. Bobbi Says:

    Oh, the laughs that we get at our children’s expense. They will pay us back as adults!!

    I think she looks adorable!

  18. Kim Says:

    Lilly had about the same reaction for the first couple weeks of wearing a winter coat. Emerson and Lucas don’t mind. Thankfully, Lilly’s gotten over it and doesn’t mind the coat now that it’s a signal that we’re getting out of the house.

  19. Emily Says:

    They never find it as funny as we do!

  20. Beth Says:

    Ralphie, Ralphie… Wait for me, Ralpie!!! All she is missing is the extra scarf around her neck! NO! She is adorable! AND, if you lived up here, that would not be enough coverage to even wait for the bus in the morning!!! Glad all things are looking good on the baby front. I think our baby history is prob. very similar… our son, Sam, is considered a medical miracle…. anyway, wishing you a comfortable and short lived bed rest!

  21. Lori Says:

    OMG – that is so cute!! And too funny!!

  22. AUTUMN Says:

    Oh Michelle that is great. I agree on the Ralphie. Send me your address and I will send a sophie christmas card in her reindeer suit. Yes, they will be out to get us when they are older.

  23. Rachel Says:

    What a ham! I love it!

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