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December 20th, 2007

I was so bummed out yesterday – no one in blog world seemed to be writing. My bloglines stayed stubbornly empty most of the day. This morning I had a plethora of reading – most of it from yesterday. Stupid bloglines.

This evening we leave to go home for the holidays. I’m quite excited for 3 reasons. First, it seems like forever since we’ve been home (only 3 1/2 months in reality). I miss the area and I miss our friends and family. Second, this bed resting lady is ready for a change of scenery – even if it is just a new couch from which to view it. I am tired of staring at my 4 walls and look forward to staring at some new walls. Third, I can’t wait for everyone to get the chance to enjoy Sabrina. She is such a joy and I feel a little selfish that we keep her all to ourselves since we live so far from home now.


I don’t know if I’ll be able to check in or not. My in-laws are the last hold outs – no internet at their house. I hope each of you has a fabulous Christmas (and those who celebrate Hanuka – a belated Happy Hanuka to you). Enjoy your beautiful kiddos if they are home and keep those who aren’t home yet in your hearts. Count your blessings and spread some joy!


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17 Responses to “Outta here”

  1. Type (little) a Says:

    Merry Christmas and have a safe trip! 🙂

    (are you staying at your house?)

  2. Angie Says:

    Have a great time Michelle!

  3. tonya Says:

    Merry Christmas to you all! Take lots of pics of Miss Sabrina! Hope you have a special time and get to have your Christmas Eve spaghetti too!

  4. carla Says:

    have fun!

    we”ll be cheering the steelers on tonight from texas.


  5. Nancy Says:

    Hope for a very uneventful trip!
    Have a great holiday!

  6. elle Says:

    Merry Christmas and have fun on the new couch!

  7. Tera Says:

    Merry Christmas, Michelle!

    Have a WONDERFUL trip…I just know that everyone will love seeing sweet Sabrina!

    God bless.

  8. Trace Says:

    Was that the picture you ended up w/on your holiday card? It’s adorable.

    Have a FANTASTIC time! Enjoy you time in PA. It is actually not going to live up to its reputation and this weekend it is supposed to be in the 50s (atleast in the Philadelphia area, I know western PA is always colder).

  9. Kim Says:

    I hope that you have a safe trip. Enjoy your time at home. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with Sabrina.

  10. Bobbi Says:

    Have a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy the new walls.

    It is going to be a great one with our babies home. but, in our hearts we know so many waiting. Bittersweet.

    Sabrina, rake in the Santa presents!!!!!!!

  11. stacie Says:

    Have a safe trip, wishing you and your family the happiest holidays!!!

  12. jenn Says:

    Merry Christmas and have a wonderful, safe trip!

  13. Farrah Says:

    Be Safe, And Happy Holidays to you and your family

  14. jeneflower Says:

    Take care of yourself! Have fun showing off Sabrina on your trip. We hope to continue to hear good news from you! Merry Christmas!

  15. Kelly Says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. 🙂

  16. Debbie Says:

    Wow! I’ve missed a bit of good news here! Congratz. I’ll be praying for you and the baby. I can’t imagine how you do it with bed rest. Especially with Sabrina home all day.

    Have a great time with the family. Merry Christmas!

  17. Jamie Says:

    Merry Christmas, Michelle and fam!

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