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My Day of Many Mistakes

March 21st, 2008

Yesterday was a lovely day in Nashville – sunny, not too chilly, and very spring-like.  It seems that almost overnight the Bradford pears and forsythia and daffodils are all blooming and everything is suddenly green again.


Taken while driving so forgive the weird angle.

Sabrina and I did a drive-by of a possible rental house.  On the way home, I decided to stop at the mall.  It has been ages since I’ve been in the mall – I thought it would be nice to wander around.  It is apparently spring break and every child between the ages of 6 months and17 years was at the mall yesterday.  They all seemed to either be screaming or making out.

Sabrina doesn’t get much sugar.  I give her a cookie a couple of times a week with her afternoon milk but that is really the only sugar she eats.  Yesterday at the mall, she had a few M&Ms, chocolate milk, and ice cream – on top of only getting a 15 minute cat nap in the car earlier.  The child was vibrating.  It resulted in a 20 minute crash in the car on the way home.


We returned home too late in the day to attempt a real nap.  Steve heard how whiny Sabrina was and contemplated manufacturing errands to keep him out of the house until bedtime.  It wasn’t pretty.

Over-stimulation at the over crowded mall + sugar + no nap = meltdowns of nuclear proportions.


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12 Responses to “My Day of Many Mistakes”

  1. carla Says:


    I seriously need to do a test experiment on E as she doesnt get much either (besides the random BEAN!!BEAN!! (jelly of course) here and there) but she doesnt seem to be affected by it either the once or twice she had MORE (her bday)


    could it be that she’s like the people who really need the adhd meds (read: it calms them. when you dont need them they WIRE YOU. hello college kid abuse!) and sugar could be the great nap trigger?!

    not testing that one out.

    sorry for the tired ramble.

    and SORRY you had to learn the notfunway.


  2. laura k. Says:

    that’s so funny………you crack me up!

  3. Tricia Says:

    Girl, I hear you! I have an extra 2 kiddos in the house (my nephews) and Sofia lost her ever-lovin’ mind yesterday after too much stimulation, no schedule and more Teddy Grahams than I realized – it was NOT a good SCENE and reminded me that TWO KIDS is completely my own personal limit!

    Home of the Cryin’ Mayan,

  4. Ashley Says:


    You sound like me. Madeline doesn’t get much yesterday so her system was on OVERLOAD from the melted chocolate, cheese puffs, crackers, bananas, oranges, sugar candies, etc that my mother was giving her. The fruit not so bad, BUT her stomach had to of hurt from all that crap!

    Nashville looks so pretty! I didn’t realize you lived so close to Nashville. Does TN have a guat-adopt group?

  5. Kim Says:

    I’m dealing with that right now. We did the zoo today – had snacks – not a very good lunch – a 30 minute cat nap in the car – and he is SOOO tired right now. He’s in his crib – I don’t know what is going to happen.

    I feel your pain!!

  6. Bobbi Says:

    I am so not looking forward to Easter. Reese now knows what candy is. Plus, he has a cold, and we have plans that will interfere with nap. All spells a sugar crash disaster!!

    Sabrina looks so sweet sleeping in her seat……….

  7. Emily Says:

    I sent you an email, we’re coming to Nashville!

  8. Emily Says:

    Oh I forgot to ask you to send me your yahoo address because I only have your other one!

  9. Angie Says:

    Sabrina really crashed!!!! We try at all costs to avoid those 15 minute car seat naps because it ruins the real one. Gabbie might be one of the only children who can have sweets and still be tired and not wired. Honestly, she can have a cookie and chocolate milk before bed and will still go right to sleep.

  10. Tera Says:

    Oooo…the dreaded car cat nap…and, sugar induced! : 0

    Hey, LOVE the photo! I think that the angle is very cool! : D Have a terrific weekend!! Happy Easter and happy spring! God bless.

  11. Tera Says:

    Oh, and about your message to me…I am missing Antigua. : ( Not the drama that I experienced while there…but I really miss the town…I’ve been looking at my photos and I just could not resist posting…I think that I will post more of them…I just love looking at them.

  12. starfish Says:

    too funny. we are the same way with sugar – so when he’s had alot – particularly when he’s at the grandparents – the literally runs around in circles. It’s cute and disturbing at the same time.

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