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May 21st, 2008

I was 15 the first time I had heartburn. I thought I was having a heart attack. It was from a medication I was taking so I quit taking it. Problem solved. I didn’t have heartburn again until years later when my sister was pregnant. I had sympathy heartburn on and off throughout her pregnancy. She had it non-stop and ate Tums like they were M&Ms. That was 14 years ago and I haven’t had it since.

Last night, I had my first heartburn of my pregnancy. I don’t feel like I can complain because I never had morning sickness and this was my first heartburn – but that shit is uncomfortable and there weren’t any Tums in the house.

On top of the heartburn, Tessa was seriously crowding my lungs last night and doing some sort of yoga move requiring her to push my stomach straight out with both feet. I decided to take a bubble bath while my husband geeked out on XBox Live with his buddies. I was hoping it might soothe Tessa and me. For some reason, while in the tub, the parts of my body that were submerged decided it was time to take all of the fluid in my body and retain it in my ankles and legs. Not awful but not a comfortable night.


For those of you who have done this birth thing, how important are birthing classes? I have the weird situation of having a child but never having given birth so it isn’t easy to take a class with Steve – they don’t tend to offer child care. I could take it alone. Or we’ve talked about getting the class on DVD (yes, you can do anything from the comfort of your couch these days). I just have this fear that we’ll go in to the hospital and I’ll be completely clueless about what is expected of me and what is happening. Steve laughs and says my body will know what to do but I don’t have that much faith in my natural instincts.


I read a stat about the suburb we just moved to – 46% of residents are either in their 30’s or under the age of 10. In our neighborhood I would venture a guess that percentage is even higher. There are kids everywhere – playing sports, skateboarding, running, yelling, biking, etc. It is charming most of the time. I love living in a neighborhood with a lot of families and quiet streets and sidewalks where the kids can play. But they get up and go outside really early. The screeching starts at 7am right outside my open bedroom window. The bus doesn’t come until 8.


Speaking of buses, I have a question. I am just curious – it isn’t a judgment. Why do so few kids ride the bus to school these days? There are major traffic jams around all of the schools before and after school. It seems that everyone drives their child to and from school. That was incredibly rare in my school days. You either walked or rode the bus.

I know in some places it becomes necessary. For example, in my rural hometown in Ohio, the schools use busing to blackmail parents into passing levies. Pass the levy or we will quit running buses. But from what I gather, that isn’t the case here in TN. I am sure that safety is an issue in some places but that doesn’t seem to be an issue in the suburbs I’ve lived in.


I had another appointment for a fetal heart echo this week. Tessa didn’t cooperate again so I have to go back in another 3 weeks. But otherwise all looks good. She was measuring at exactly her due date. And they estimated she weighs 2lbs 15oz right now.


Sabrina and I went to Dippin’ Dots to meet up with our new mommies group this week. We hadn’t tried this form of ice cream before – shocking considering my love of ice cream. It wasn’t bad. Sabrina was a big fan as you can see by her bewildered look when I set down the spoon to take a photo.

“Put down the camera and keep the dots coming mommy!”


And another just because she is cute. She doesn’t have a chair her size at home so she uses the bottom step as her personal perch.


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28 Responses to “This n’at”

  1. Cass Says:

    The Dip n Dot is a delicious chilly treat that I know NEED.
    Heartburn is a sad sad thing – I recommend Galvescon over Tums.

  2. Jenny Says:

    You lived in Pittsburgh and never had Dippin’ Dots? Poor thing…. hope you loved them!

  3. Melissa Says:

    I think a birthing class is especially good if you are going to go natural – no drugs. But more info is better than less, right? If you can get a DVD of the class, do that. You may be able to find a doula/midwife in your area that would do a birthing class in your home- that’s what we did, even though I ended up with a Doc Crazy c-section. Shoot me an email, and I’ll give you the number of the lady we used.

  4. Emily Says:

    Sabrina’s hair is getting so long! Personally, as far as birthing classes are concerned, I knew more going into it then I did coming out. You could learn just as much if not more from a really good DVD. A midwife is also good. Everyone is different I’m sure, but I used my own breathing technique, etc. to make myself comfortable during labor, I forgot everything else. You find what works and use it. I would make sure you find a DVD that covers everything, even what to expect if there are complications, etc. just to be on the safe side so you don’t get freaked out. But what the hell, you’ll freak out anyway when it comes time, lol, everyone does. I remember driving to the hospital saying, “Ok, I changed my mind, I don’t want to do this.” Uh oh, too late!

  5. Lori Says:

    As far as the bus thingy – Bus behavior is incredibly horrible especially in these parts! I know, my child rides the bus – but unfortunately I’m too lazy to get me and Sonja out of the house before 9am and therefore, Nicolai would be late every day! The bus has language – even I haven’t heard and it can be extremely rough at times. So it really is a protection thing. Keep em’ as inicent as long as you can! Good luck with the whole birthing class thing!

  6. Brenda Says:

    Heck..just watch the discovery channel and those birth shows.Seems like that you can get all you need to know from that. I can’t even watch those.
    Kids up at 7am…you lucky. The chaos starts at 5:45 when the high school bus rolls down my street and picks up kids. It is soooooooo loud and only gets louder after that.
    In my state, most parents drive their elem. school kids to school on the way to work b/c it’s convenient (school starts the same time as work) and they don’t want to leave their kids at home. Most middle school kids ride the bus and then by high school, they all drive themselves.

  7. Sarah Says:

    I learned some pain coping skills at the childbirth classes and can remember a few of them now… it helps to learn all the phases of labor and listen to some of the great questions other parents ask (ha… I never raised my hand). One thing I chose to ignore was the class on c-sections as I presumed it would not happen to me… I was wrong… my first was born by emergency c-section and I was completely unprepared. I had my second by VBAC which was SOOO much easier. I did plan to try natural childbirth and made it 20 hours with the first child without drugs… but that epidural was a godsend. I can give that a two thumbs up!!

    Your neighborhood sounds like alot of fun… not the 7am thing, but eventually Sabrina and Tessa will be adding to the festivities outside your bedroom window that early!

    I LOVE Sabrina’s cute little outfit and look how long her hair is getting! We love Dippin Dots too, but don’t have an actual storefront here in KY… just the little cart vendors at the zoo and a vending machine at the mall!

  8. Cindy Says:

    As far as the bus goes. I take my son to school because we chose to have him go to the less then stellar school in our neighborhood. So we have are responsible for his transportation.
    As for the childbirth classes…I took them, enjoyed them and had a big fatty c-section so all of the information was useless to me. You can learn a lot from baby story and birth day.

  9. Tessie Says:

    Before I comment, I just have to say that I get a little start every time you write “Tessa”. Like when you see your name or a part of your name in print, it just STICKS OUT and SCREAMS at you, you know? BTW, I love Tessa and sort of wish my parents had gone with THAT instead.

    ANYWAY! On the birthing classes. We signed up, but didn’t get them in since I had AD early. I think if you are internet savvy, which clearly you are, you know at least as much if not more than what you would learn there. The only benefit I can see is learning the particular policies of YOUR hospital and how they do things.

  10. Meredith Says:

    I recommend the big generic bottle of berry flavored “Tums” from Walmart.

    Lucky you–I’ve already cracked mine open, and I’m only 5 months along : )

    I did not take the birthing class but wish I had. They explain a lot about the actual procedures–hooking you up to the heart rate monitor, what happens when you get an epidural, and your hospital’s particular strategies for everything, even breathing through the contractions.

  11. Lisa Says:

    I really recommend birthing classes. Even if you’re planning to have an epidural at the first possible moment, you might need pain coping strategies. Early labor can last a long time, and can hurt a lot.

    I took Bradley classes and thought they were fabulous. They helped me have the unmedicated births I wanted, and really minimized the pain. (As opposed to my first birth, when I didn’t know how to relax during the contractions. Lots of pain and finally meds.)

  12. Merrill Says:

    Forget the birthing class and sign up for the Epidural. The Birthing classes that I attended focused on natural birth and coping with the pain through breathing exercises. Don’t let anyone tell you that breathing makes the pain go away, whether it be contractions/labor or delivery. Breathing also does not occupy your mind enough to help you forget you are in pain. I had a baby with and a baby without an epidural. I wouldn’t wish natural childbirth (read no pain medication) on my worst enemy if they had another choice. Epidurals are beautiful. It doesn’t cross the placenta and it gives almost complete relief. It allows you to make rational decisions for yourself and your baby. You can enjoy the birth experience and have a good memory of it vs. the alternative (pain).

  13. Rachael Says:

    Pretty much everything you learn in those group birth classes you can read in a book. Do you have “What to Expect When You’re Expecting?” And most hospitals will give you an individual tour of the birthing center without having to take a class. Familiarity helps. Just call the hospital and ask.

  14. sara Says:

    I would recommend the birthing classes. I was like you, already a parent with a little one from Guatemala, when I became pregnant. We kind of knew what we had to do for a baby 5 months and older but we were clueless about birthing and newborns. I knew from the moment I found out I was pregnant that I would have an epidural. We did learn about breathing techniques for pain, but there was more to it than that. We got a tour of Labor and Delivery so we had a better idea of what to expect. We learned what would happen to baby immediately after birth. We learned how to swaddle baby. We even went over some breastfeeding pointers. Not everything in the class is going to be useful to you, but I feel that it was worth my time. And, I would recommend hiring a babysitter so hubby can go with you (if at all possible).

    p.s. I’ve been a semi-longtime lurker and I really enjoy following your journeys.

  15. Ashley J Says:

    I have been through the birthing class you are thinking of taking. It is a lot of info… a wide range of things you mostly will not need… but it covers things (or did almost 8 years ago) like nutrition, pain relief, what to do with a newborn, nursing, labor, epidural, etc. There is a one day (where mommy can just go) nursing class that might be helpful if you are considering that… but you can schedule a private tour of the labor/delivery area without taking the class. If you read and look at DVD’s I think you will be A-ok without it but I will gladly offer myslef up as childcare if you are interested.

    School buses… I tried it (if you remember the case of the spitter) and it just caused me more worry than if I just took him myself. They just are not monitored well, anything goes, and you learn way too much on the school bus… thankfully now it is broken down by schools so only k-5 are on it but those 5th graders teach the 1st graders a LOT! WHY is it that they all have screeching wheels?

    To speak about the numbers in the community… it is crazy ridiculous. Since I have been in this community (10 years) there have been 4 Elem. schools built to house the kiddos and that is just Wm county. ( With another one slated to start next year)

  16. Hadyn Says:

    Ditto every iota of Merrill’s input 100%. I was in same situation as you and I just couldn’t get it together to get to a class. My awesome OBs assured me that women have been birthing for centuries and never needed a class to get the job done. I did some internet research to understand the phases of labor, obsessed over whether I would realize when my water broke, etc. When it happened, there was no doubt what was going on. Epidural’s rock all the way – I wish I had had one during my adoption process. Seriously, giving birth is nothing compared to what you went thru too bring Sabrina home.

  17. Muriel Elrod Says:

    Okay quit your bitching. No morning sickness, no heart burn….I WISH!!!!!! 🙂 Sabrina looks darling.

  18. Muriel Elrod Says:

    Oh yeah, we took the breast feeding class and found it very interesting. They give you a ton of info.

  19. Megan Says:

    Get yourself some earplugs girl. The wax kind. They have them at all the drug stores. They won’t entirely block out sound so if Sabrina is crying you’ll be able to hear that but it’ll muffle everything else. I wear them every night, have for years. I always hear if the kids are up though (mother’s instinct I guess) but if my hubby is up getting ready I hear nothing.

    The birthing classes…….can’t help ya but I would have to say they make those drugs for a reason…I would look into that.

  20. mama k Says:

    Yes, take birthing classes. Your body will know what to do, but your mind will be a whole lot less freaked out if you are mentally prepared.

    If you want to do the natural route I’d recommend Bradley classes. Most of the instructors do it in their homes so you might even be able to bring Sabrina along. (I think the site is http://www.BradleyBirth.org) You can also check out the book, Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way to familarize yourself with the stages of labor and exercises you can do now to prepare yourself for the big day. The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth was a book I refered to a lot too. And if you want to do a birth plan, http://www.EarthMamaAngelBaby.com has a check list you can go through. Might be a good idea to just go through that so see if you have any questions to ask your Dr about before hand.

    I for one had NO idea how many options and choices you have when it comes to this stuff. Even if you are planning on using some sort of medical pain relief, you should see what your options are ahead of time see what some common side effects might be. Just so you can discuss it with your Dr and make the best choice for you. Things aren’t going to go exactly as you planned, but I am all for being as prepared as possible. Labor and birth are a big huge deal.

  21. Laurie Says:

    We brought Theo with us to our birthing classes. It was worth going I think. He liked watching the videos at least and we brought him lots of snacks.

  22. tonya Says:

    Well the lamaze class I took at the hospital was mostly a waste of time since I had to have 3 C-SECTIONS!!!! LOL
    I enjoyed the tour of all the different areas of the floor. There was a family with your same situation in my class. They brought their child and Daddy just stepped out with the kiddo if he had to.

  23. carla Says:

    we love the dipping dots up in herre and our grocery sells them under a different name but FAB none the less.

    those pictures are SO CUTE!

    emma still is pretty hairless (head :)) for a ‘malan!

  24. Gibb Says:

    I’m with Haydn and Merrill. Don’t bother with the classes. It’s not like you are laying there not knowing what to do. The doctors and nurses will tell you what you need to know when you need to know it. The rest you can read in “What to expect…” books.

  25. Angie Says:

    I love the pictures of Sabrina!!!! I cannot believe how big she is getting and her hair.

    As far as the bus goes, if Gabbie goes to a school with a bus honestly we will skip it and drive her. There is just too much stuff that goes on with kids on the bus. I would much rather take her and drop her off so I can see her getting into school safely then send her on a bus. Maybe one day I will cut the cord, but I am not anticipating it anytime before she is 30!

  26. Alleen Says:

    I’m with everyone else.. the hair is getting so long!!!!!!!!!!!

    I see the busing thing too. I don’t even think of driving near schools at the time they let out – it’s a nightmare. Not sure why so many don’t ride the bus.

  27. Soltana Says:

    Yes take the brithing classes. Even through it all at least you’ll remember to push “the right way”. They helped a lot.

    I LOVE Dippin Dots!!!!!!!!!!! we get them at Kings Dominion all the time. I don’t think there’s a place near by to get them.

    I WISH Derek would ride the bus. I told him next year he has to because I won’t be able to afford gas:) …His school is about 4 miles from here…HHEHEHEHE

    Have a great day

    Oh..I had heartburn with Cerah but not Derek. They say the more heartburn you have the more hair the baby will have…

  28. TracyMichele Says:

    I know I am late but thought I would add a couple things:

    Have Steve kick you in the shin a few times and take notes on how you handle the pain. You will likely handle birth pain in the much the same manner. LOL. If you think your techniques could use some help.. take the class. If not, skip them. 🙂

    On a serious note, I truly think the only thing I learned in the classes was what MIGHT happen if it wasn’t “textbook”. I’m a sort of need to know person. If I know the worst case scenarios, I am better prepared. And although I did have very easy, textbook deliveries (let the hate mail begin) it eased my mind to know the “what ifs”.

    Just another perspective.

    (oh, and I had heartburn with both kids. Son was born with NO hair.. daughter came out with what I swore was a wig!)

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