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And the summer season begins…

May 23rd, 2008

Weekends like this one, I miss living close to family.  I love Memorial Day picnics – just hanging out, chatting, playing some cards, drinking a beer, and grilling some hamburgers.  Up north, we are just considering breaking out the shorts this weekend.  Here in Nashville, I’ve been wearing them on and off for a few weeks already.

I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend with Steve.  But I’m not sure that we will do much.  This first official weekend of the summer season finds me battling a nasty cold.  And of course there isn’t much I can take for relief right now.  So we’ll have to see how things go – I might suck all of the fun out of our long weekend by lounging and napping.

Miss Sabrina will love having daddy home for 3 days.  She is a huge daddy’s girl.  She is doing what she can to keep my sick spirits up.  Her newest joy is spinning in circles.  She will spin until she falls down or spin and then try to run in a straight line until she falls over.  It keeps me laughing between coughing and blowing my nose.

A picture of the little cutie giving her bear some serious loving.


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11 Responses to “And the summer season begins…”

  1. Cass Says:

    Yeah for summer weekend #1 – I totally hear you about being away from family. My entire family is together for a Chicken BBQ tonight – minus me. It’s a little lonely here today.

  2. Valarie Lea Says:

    She is the cutest thing! We are heading that way for the weekend to go sit in the heat at the softball field. Let me just say I am going to have a joyous time. (did you catch the sarcasam there) Hope you get to feeling better.

  3. Ashley J Says:

    Just an FYI… I got very sick ( like into the hosp sick) with my 3rd child and Dr. S told me that she could not survive without Claratin ( and she was prego too) it is fine to take… Dr. S said so…

  4. Soltana Says:

    Happy 1st weekend of the summer:)

    I hop eyou ahve as much fun as we do…we’re doing yard work..wanna mulch with us:)

  5. Bobbi Says:

    Hope you feel better. I remember getting really sick right about this point with Cassie and I was miserable. The no drug thing just is wrong.

    Look at that girls eyes. I would give anything she wants. That’s because she isn’t mine. People say the same thing about Reese.

    Take advantage of Daddy!!

  6. Tera Says:

    Golly, so sorry that you’re sick. : / I hope that you will be feeling better soon…and, so sorry that you can’t take cold meds. Ergh.

    Sorry that you’re not with your family for Memorial Day weekend. I really like Memorial weekend get togethers… Often, there’s not a lot of planning involved and they’re just thrown together, casual picnic/BBQ/potluck style. Love it!

    That photo of Sabrina is GREAT!! I love the angle and I LOVE her sweet expression and ponytail. Have a wonderful weekend! God bless.

  7. Angie Says:

    I cannot imagine how much being sick while pregnant would stink. I hope you are feeling better soon. Also I love the picture of Sabrina! Her hair is so adorable!!!!

  8. Farrah Says:

    Hey Michelle,

    I’m sorry you are sick, That sucks summer colds are the worst..
    Hey will you do me a favor, Since you get WAY more traffic than I do, Will you post for people to send there favorite recipe’s to be posted in a recipe book to help bring our little guy home…They can send them straight to my email if you don’t mind…

    Thanks Honey bunny, and if you don’t want to get involved that is ok too!

    Hope your cold goes away quickly

  9. TNKerry Says:

    Awww! Sabrina is just too cute and sweet!!!

  10. Amy Says:

    Hey girl,

    Number one, Beana is too cute; number two, sorry that you are sick. My sister-in-law is a nurse and she swears by warm pineapple juice (so do alot of people apparently, don’t believe me; google home remedies for colds). Try it if you dare….

    PS – I miss the Vicodin ads….

  11. Alleen Says:

    Hope you’re feeling better..

    And instead of Vicodin, now we are assumed to speak French (gosh, at least I think that’s what it is!!) … hee hee

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