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Making it home

May 28th, 2008

It takes more than ice cream in the freezer to make a house a home.  I’ve been grumbling about all this crap we have schlepped around.  I figured if I hadn’t seen it in a year, I couldn’t possibly need it.  And that is partially true.  I don’t need it in a physical sense but it is amazing what it does for me emotionally to have some of my things around me again.  I didn’t realize how much I missed some of the familiar objects that were packed away in storage.  They connect me to my past and who I was before I moved 600 miles away from everything I knew and became a stay at home momma of 1.5 kids.

Everyone has different stuff that does that for them.  For some people it is mementos in a box or hope chest.  For some it is china and silver.  For some it is personal photographs.  For me, it tends to be a strange hodge podge of things.  The amazing print that was the first purchase Steve and I made together, my “Believe” sign, my framed Scottish postcards (love my coo with his tongue sticking out), and
My antique amish buggy bench purchased at a festival in my hometown that I used to attend every year:


My $15 flea market find – an old sewing machine table (with the incredibly silly portrait of our dog hanging above it which we love):


My fun and colorful daisis found a new home in the kitchen window:


And my whimsical wooden flowers purchased at the Yankee Peddler (a tradition for many of us who lived in that area of Ohio):


Admittedly, it is all just stuff.  The only things I really *need* to be at home are my husband and daughter.  But these things help me feel settled and centered more quickly.  What makes you smile and think “home” when you see it?

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12 Responses to “Making it home”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    It is that stuff that you just described. For me, it is all the stuff that the kids have made me that is scattered throughout my house. I grumble about cleaning around it and such, but it is so much of what makes my home cozy.

  2. juju Says:

    Know exactly what ya mean sistah!

    I could not WAIT to unpack and put out certain things – it is like WOW this IS home:)

    I have to say it was my China Cabinet NOT being empty, these two inexpensive tropical bird prints I got from kirklands years ago that I LOVE to look at (I hung them side by side over the fireplace) and then – my kid’s baby pictures – beautifully displayed on top of the piano I played when I was a little girl – I got is for my 6th birthday – neither of my older girls had any interst in piano – Abby Grace has NO option;)

  3. elle Says:

    My korean concubine ducks that were a wedding gift and a ceramic head I made. Those are my 2 things.

  4. Anne Says:

    For me, it’s all my photos (framed and in albums) of family and friends.

  5. carla Says:

    I love those flowers and their vases.
    Ima poor decorator—I have no “eye” (and it DOESNT work when people say AT me “just do what you like”—I have no idea where to begin)

    hometo me is the husband, child and the bullmastiff (that last one can take a while to unpack as he gets tangled up in the bubblewrap pretty good)

  6. goodbyetoallfat Says:

    I love your pics. I don’t have any things that tie me so clearly to my flat (I am single and have moved several times), although the eclectic contents of my bookcase are very “me” and make each flat look like mine.

  7. Soltana Says:

    My “home” item is my pictures.. or a sweatshirt I’ve had since highschool:)

    I can’t believe you only have 9 weeks!!!! How come mine didn’t seem to go so fast:)

    I can’t wait to see pics of little Miss Tessa and her big sister:)

  8. Tracy Says:

    LOL, we just moved, too. I *need* my “office”. It’ s my official escape from reality place. Right now, my computer is on my bedroom floor since all our furniture remains in the house we are trying to sell. I hate this setup so much! I need my upstairs escape, complete with desk and a dog lying underneath it.

  9. Timberly Says:

    I totally agree…there are things of mine that make me feel like I’m at home. And yes, I’m sure I could do without them all, but they make home “home”….ya know? I LOVE your daisies in the vases…very pretty!


  10. Tina Says:

    For me it is the Kinkade paintings that my husband and a friend got me and all the stuff in the kitchen being put away. I also have a cross (not your everyday sort of cross) that I received for confirmation that is one of the first things that must go up. When I started living with my husband we move 4 times in 3 years…kinda crazy like that and I noticed that these things is what makes it seem like home to me.

  11. Malia Says:

    Oh my! I love those daisies on the kitchen window sill!! My kitchen window has a sheer valance that has daisies on it and that would look so cute in my kitchen. (This may mean you should never invite me over! heh.)

    And this was a sweet post, thanks for sharing your “home” things with us!

  12. Rick @ Antique Bench Says:

    Hi, I really have enjoyed your site. Thank You.

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