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I know

May 30th, 2008

2 whole days.  I don’t call.  I don’t write.  Sorry.  Nothing to report.  Had an uneventful doctor’s appointment – no weight gain for the first time in recent memory, woohoo!  Otherwise, I’ve just been in a mood.  Nothing wrong – just a mood.  A mood that got stuck mid-swing.  I don’t even have any Sabrina cuteness to share.   So I’m taking a day or two off from blogging.  I’ll leave you with some Angus cuteness.


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5 Responses to “I know”

  1. Alleen Says:

    I hope you can kick your mood!! I get that way sometimes and I can’t even blame pregnancy!

  2. Martha Says:

    Youre entitled to take a break now and then!

  3. Bobbi Says:

    Yeah on no weight gain. What’s really fun is when right before you have her you loose a few pounds. THat is soooooo good!!

    Angus is not nearly as cute as Sabrina, but I’ll deal.

  4. Vanessa Says:

    I think as part of the pregnancy/giving birth experience, it’s normal (and important) to become more reflective and inward turning. Not sure if that covers “the mood” you’re feeling, but that’s my thought. Glad all else is going well.
    Also, on the birth front, meant to say that I recommend William and Martha Sears’ “The Birth Book” for anyone – no matter if they plan a medicated or nonmedicated birth. It covers a lot of info of procedures for you in labour and after in baby care, pros and cons, and just is very easy to understand and educational. Finally, all your little Tessa will need is you (and a car seat, diapers, and a couple of outfits)!

  5. goodbyetoallfat Says:

    Angus is *mega* cute !!

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