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Let the neuroses begin…

June 20th, 2008

What do these 2 things have in common?

Last night, I woke up around 2AM from an awful dream.  It started out with me giving birth to Tessa (thankfully my mind didn’t even contemplate what was involved in that process…we entered our story post birth giving).  Tessa wasn’t quite “normal”.  Instead of hands and feet she had tongs and corkscrews – basically she was a like a swiss army knife.  Then she morphed into an angry crab.  As a crab, she paced (sideways of course because that is how a crab paces) on a metal table *click, clack, click clack* and at the end of each leg was a tool from a swiss army knife.

It sounds very silly but I have to tell you I woke up deeply disturbed.  I tried to tell Steve but he just snored louder and turned over.  I am sure all moms to be have these types of dreams before they have their children but isn’t the physical discomfort enough without my psyche screwing with me too?

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14 Responses to “Let the neuroses begin…”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    UM, that is concerning…….Awful……what did you eat before bed!?!

    Sleep better tonight.

  2. Sarah Says:

    LOL! I had those too!! I once dreamed that after the baby was handed to me, I unwrapped the blanket and it was a kitten instead of a baby! And everybody just oohed and aahed and thought it was a normal thing… breast feeding included… WEIRD!

    Welcome to the club!!! LOL! It gets even better as that baby starts sucking down more of those mommy brain cells through the umbilical cord – ha ha ha!

  3. Maureen Says:

    OMG, I had the craziest dreams at the end of my pregnancy too. However, my dreams were always that I left the baby somewhere. I’d be visiting someone at their house (nobody I actually know IRL of course) and would just up and leave my baby there. I would realize it several hours later and then spend the rest of my dream frantically trying to get back to her, but could never get there. Another time I went out bar hopping with my friends and just left the baby in the crib home alone. It finally dawned on me that I shouldn’t have done that and frantically tried to get home, lol! I always figured that it must have been my fears of motherhood and being a good mother.

    Hmmm…I’m not quite sure how to decipher the crab/swiss army knife dream! Get ready for many more crazy dreams before you have her though.

  4. Kecia Says:

    I think it means she is going to be a multi-tasker with a tough shell but she’ll be good dipped in butter… oh wait, maybe that’s too literal. Maybe it means you are freaking out about having a baby…yeah, that’s probably it.

  5. Debbie Says:

    I’ve always heard that strange dreams come with pregnancy. Doesn’t really seem fair.

  6. juju Says:

    That is horrible –
    You need to stop watching the Sci Fi channel;)

    get some rest today while Steve is home:)

  7. Alleen Says:

    oh my goodness…. the mind can sure conjure up some weird stuff.

  8. Martha Says:

    My dreams are crazy enough, I cant imagine what they would be like if I was pregnant! I always remember them in such vivid detail, Mike is always laughing at me abut them. And I am usually super busy in my dreams. Trying to get everything accomplished I can’t get done irl I guess!

  9. Kelly Says:

    Oh my gosh–too funny. Hormones do crazy things to a person.

    I am quite sure you will not give birth to a swiss army knife!

  10. mama k Says:

    ah yes, the crazy pregnancy dreams. I had some real doozies too. And they are all so vivid and real. Crazy stuff.

  11. Ashley J Says:

    That makes me feel normal… and gave me a chuckle… because dreams are VIVD!

    In my prego dream I gave birth to a 5lbs slab of ground beef with a penis sticking out ( before I knew the gender)… after delivery they decided he was not done… did an ultrasound on the baby and shoved him right back in!??? I got up from the table and went about my merry way… as if that were normal!!!???

  12. Gibb Says:

    Okay, laughing my ass of at that one! Well, that and the 5lb slab of ground beef with a penis! Mine dreams were crazy but nothing that good.

  13. goodbyetoallfat Says:

    Have you been watching Edward Scissorhands recently? Just think of how *useful* she will be though!

  14. Samantha Says:

    OK I am sorry about the dream being so creepy but I have to tell you the first thing I thought when I saw the photo on your post for some reason was that you somehow got crabs. Um, not that you’d be announcing that on your blog…

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