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I think Google just insulted me

July 1st, 2008

I always laugh when I check out the google searches that lead people here.  A couple of fellow bloggers have revealed their searches recently so I thought I would join the fun.

Fat+Heifer – that isn’t very nice google, just what are you trying to say?

35 weeks pregnant pants are tight – I feel your pain…hence the bad floral pants in the last photo of me

world smoles nipple – no idea what that means or how it leads to me

beautiful baby girl – so Google insults me but thinks my kid is adorable…guess that is fair

feeling cranky at 34 weeks pregnant – Steve stop googling…I said I was sorry for snapping at you

scrambled eggs + slang phrase – ummm…yeah, not sure how to use that one in a sentence “Back off or I’ll go all scrambled eggs on your ass”?

Very Cranky – Steve I said I was sorry!  Let it go!

Drive like a Nashvillian – This one is easy.  When the light turns green, stop and think about it before you rush to press the gas pedal.  Don’t use your turn signal and drive in the left lane while going slightly slower than traffic in the right lane.  And always drive slightly slower than the speed limit when a pregnant woman in the car behind you has to go to the bathroom.

Free cheesecake – Where?

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8 Responses to “I think Google just insulted me”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I’m guessing “smoles nipple” is smallest nipple for someone who doesn’t know how to spell.

    I never get anything that fun on mine! Lucky you. Actually I take that back, I did get a super creepy one —— licking grandma was the phrase!

  2. DJ Holly Rock Says:

    OMG Michelle, that was an extremely funny post. Poor Steve, it’ll be over soon and then he’ll have THREE women in the house:)

  3. Alleen Says:

    OMFGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You never cease to make me laugh. It’s really scary that there are people out there searching with these terms….

  4. Every gym's Nightmare Says:

    haha, thats funny. i like to read those, too (my wordpress dashboard tells me what brought people to my site) people search some weird stuff sometimes, but then i think those words are on my site somewhere as well….

  5. melany Says:

    That was funny! How do you see those?

  6. Tam Says:

    Yeah. One of the top searches that bring people to my blog is “limp notes”. Go ahead. Search it. I don’t know whether to feel bad for probably insulting the hell out of a whole bunch of people or glad that they are being educated in a round about way….

  7. erinberry Says:

    scrambled eggs + slang phrase – ummm…yeah, not sure how to use that one in a sentence “Back off or I’ll go all scrambled eggs on your ass”?


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