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Name change?

August 17th, 2008

I’m considering changing the name of my blog from Michelle Smiles to Michelle Moos. You wouldn’t know it to look at this sweet face but feeding this child is a like a full time job.

Every 2.5 – 3 hours she wants to eat. And each meal takes 50 – 90 minutes. I didn’t put this many hours in when I worked full time. Meals take forever because she gets all warm and comfy while eating and falls asleep. So I spend my time jiggling and poking and singing and readjusting her so that she will wake up and finish eating. I keep telling myself that by 6 or 8 weeks things should get a little less constant in the feeding department. It is hard during the day because Sabrina doesn’t understand why I am constantly tending to Tessa. It is difficult at night because I don’t want to be up for an hour at 3am especially when both Tessa and Steve are snoring.

That is my mini-vent for the day. I am thankful that nursing has been successful because it is something I wanted to do for a variety of reasons but I find the constant demand frustrating.

Sabrina continues to magnify her 2 year old behaviors in protest of this new little person monopolizing mommy. However, Sabrina being a little bratty is still probably better behaved than most kids on a good day so we aren’t complaining. Tell me this face isn’t full of attitude:

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22 Responses to “Name change?”

  1. ani Says:

    those are two really cute little princesses! hope the attitude from big sis subsides some, and that the little sis decides to be a bit more assertive when feeding time rolls around 🙂

  2. Ashley J Says:

    Hang in there… the first six weeks are the hardest. I nursed my boys for almost a year each and I was so happy I did, but when it was over, I felt like a NEW woman… SO FREE!!!

    I recommend the book Baby Wise… it eludes to the fact that you attempt to nurse …set the timer for like 20 minutes- 10 on each side and then stop done or not… it seems harsh, but after the first day or so she will learn that when it is time to eat she better get to business.

    Now I say that from a do as I say not as I do perspective because if mine cried, I typically just gave in… but I know a lot of people that swear by it. And I hope I don’t get attacked for being a mean mommy, I just know that sometimes what is best for mommy is a routine that makes life enjoyable… not dreadful.

  3. Amy Says:

    Beana: What? You got something to say?

    Had the same problem with Emily except she wouldn’t fall asleep she would just stop sucking and peer at me. She would not start sucking again until I acted as though I was going to remove her from the boobie so I would spend an hour pretending to take her from the boobie in order to get her to eat. Very hard on the arms especially at 3a when you aren’t even sure you have a child latched on, it could be the dog, a random neighbor, whatever.

    Have you considered pumping? I did it so that I could have a break and Mike could have a chance to bond and so that he could share in the misery of the 2, 4, and 6am feedings. But most of all it provided a schedule. And moo time turned into a 20 minute thing every three to four hours. Just in case you are wondering, she did NOT get confused by the nipple of the bottle vs the nipple of the momma and she had no problem going from bottle to boob back to bottle. And I really think that it helped when it was time to wean her. Plus no leakage. But then you do have to clean bottles and find the time to pump (which pales in comparison to finding the time to feed every 2 hours for 90 minutes a pop). Just a thought.

    Both girls are beautiful!

  4. DD Says:

    I have my one month checkup tomorrow and will be asking about introducing a bottle. While I will still have to get up to pump, it’ll be Mr. DD doing the marathon feeding. Yes, we are up 60-90 min as well, but she’ll go 3.5-4.5 hrs at night. During the day, she nurses about every 2 hours.

    Don’t watch the clock as hard as that sounds or try to limit her feeding right now. It’ll just mean that you’ll be getting up twice as often. When she hits 4 or 6 months, maybe.

    I also feel some guilt about my son who sees me with ZGirl on my lap almost every minute of the day. He’s been very understanding so far, bless his heart.

    But yeah, I hear you on the nonstop nursing. It’s mind numbing.

  5. mama k Says:

    ((hugs))You are doing a good job!
    It’s normal and it WILL get better I promise. Frequent nursing is not only for growing babies, but for establishing a good milk supply too. I liked to remind myself frequently of all the reasons WHY I chose this path. It helped me get through one more night and one more day and so on.
    I agree, don’t try to watch the clock or calendar too much. Just feed her when she’s hungry and sleep when you can. Oh and have you learned how to nurse laying down yet? The side-lying position is a life saver. http://kidshealth.org/parent/pregnancy_newborn/feeding/nursing_positions.html

    Maybe daddy can have some Tessa time for a couple hours while you take Sabrina for a walk to the park or something just with mommy?

  6. Laura Says:

    No advice other than to just enjoy it. Just after my daughter was born I remember thinking I would be nursing forever. I could hardly wait to have all the freedom of not nursing anymore. Now she is 8 months and getting some of her nutrition from foods and I can hardly believe that our nursing time has gone so fast.

  7. Alleen Says:

    Oh my gosh. Both of those faces are just to die for!

    And yeah, I’m guessing you don’t know what bratty really is!! You might have found out if you accompanied us to our trip to Staples today.

  8. Priscilla Says:

    I seem to remember my sister had the same problem (the baby falling asleep eating) with her little boy, and so the dr recommended she feed him in just a diaper. i guess being a little cold helps keep them awake! She was also super tired, so she pumped some so my BIL could take over some feedings.

    Hang in there!! Love to both girls.

  9. Cindy Says:

    hahaha… my husband used to call me the milk wagon! It’s hard at first, but it does get easier. It is soooo worth it. I’m still sad that Izababy weaned when she did. I enjoyed that time with her.

  10. Sig Says:

    Yup, Dairy Queen stays open 24 hours a day on demand, but you’ll be glad you did it.
    Holy shit, sabrina’s tude! You are in trouble woman!!! LOL!

  11. Megan Says:

    I don’t care what kind of attitude she has she looks adorable with that look on her face.

  12. Angie Says:

    Love the Sabrina picture! Too cute!

  13. Bobbi Says:

    Look at Tessa’s little cheeks. They are getting all plumped up. Oh, yes, the 24 hours Moo calls. Aren’t they great! It will get better. My oldest used to nurse for that long too. I can’t imagine doing it with a 2 year old. Cold wash cloth works great. Sounds cool, but p*&*&* them off and wakes them up!!

    Love that look on Sabrina. She is telling you!!!

  14. Rhonda Says:

    SOOOOO cute! LOVE the pictures of the girls and you can see the big attitude with Sabrina!!!!! She’s putting you on notice, hahahahaha

  15. carla Says:

    (G-D SHE IS GORGEOUS. those dark brown beautiful eyes. I know. looks arent important. but she is so wiseoldsoulpensivelooking)

    I NEED ANOTHER BABY. CHILD. so that I have a reason why mine is acting a terror.

    xo xo,


  16. holly Says:

    Hey Michelle.
    Great job on nursing Tessa. please don’t try to watch the clock and definitly don’t follow babywise unless you want to lose your milk supply.

    i would check out dr. jack newman. he is big into compression to help your milk flow out faster so that Tessa nurses quicker. If she starts to doze off, compress your boob (almost like milking yourself, so yes go ahead and change your name 😉 and then she should start sucking again.. repeat as needed. good luck and if you need links feel free to email hburkhardt@rogers.com

  17. Burgh Baby Says:

    That is EXACTLY how Alexis ended up getting a pacifier at 3 weeks. I was bound and determined to never go there, but at some point the boobs needed to go out in public without a baby attached to them!

  18. Becky Says:

    Love the pictures of both girls. Sabrina’s new hair-do is gorgeous and OMG you are in for it with that attitude.

  19. Hadyn Says:

    Sabrina has a Mary Tyler Moore look about her. Love it.
    And Tessa – don’t get me started. Gorgeous.

  20. JUlia Says:

    I tried to remember that nursing my babies was the one perfectly right gift I could give them. Ya know – the one parenting choice – I could not screw up;)

    You are doing a great job and just know that everything you feel is perfectly normal –

    You have two amazingly perfect daughters by the way –
    and THEY have a perfectly amazing Momma:)

  21. Vanessa Says:

    Oh Tessa is so sweet. I just want to touch that sweet fluffy hair.
    Yes, nursing feels like that at the beginning – you are establishing your milk supply. First six weeks are key for this. Classic line is “all I do is nurse.” Another tip is to nurse her in diaper only with a blanket and then you can take the blanket off so she’s a bit chillier and will stay awake. As for night nursing – I slept right through it – bring her in with you (on side of bed instead of inbetween you and Steve if more comfortable) and nurse on your side and snooze. Sleep is key to your sanity.
    Babywise (mentioned in another comment) is dangerous and the American Pediatric Assoc actually put a WARNING out about that book. Babies just get the fore milk and not the hind milk if you cut their nursing time, and lots got dehydrated bc of limits. Just like with the rest of us, babes know what they need for their growing bodies and when they are done.
    If you’re not yet familiar with the Sears books, they are great for breastfeeding norms/tips. (is as of course La Leche League, which if you have a good group nearby, can be a huge support network -it was for me).

  22. Soltana Says:

    You’re doing great!! It does seem like it’s feeding time ALL the time!!! When Cerah would fall alseep I would tickle the bottom of her feet and she would finish.

    Derek was the same way as Sabrina, wanting to know what the heck this new kid was doing ALWAYS with mom. She’ll get better. Derek soon lost intrest and went on his way. I did leave Cerah with Larry and took Derek outside just for our special time and that helped too. It’s all a learning game, can’t learn from it until you try it:)

    Good luck and keep it up!!!

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