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Cute squared

August 21st, 2008

We’ll call this almost wordless Thursday. If I was going to write anything, I would be forced to go on and on again about how flipping tired I am. And no one wants to hear about that. So I’ll just leave you with the cuteness of my kids.

Sabrina demonstrating what a bunny does (during a rather excruciating Bunnytown marathon viewing this morning). “Boing, boing”

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24 Responses to “Cute squared”

  1. Ali Says:

    aww super cuteness!

  2. mama k Says:

    all I can say is AWWWW

  3. Farrah Says:

    That is the cutest picture…Tessa is getting so BIG already! WOW they are adorable

  4. TNKerry Says:

    Much cuteness.

  5. JUlia Says:

    they are gorgeous!

    there is a pic on my blog right now that I want you to see-
    I think Abby and Sabrina look a little bit alike – do you see it?

  6. Kecia Says:

    Hey…your toenails are painted. Awesome!

  7. Jamie Says:

    Sabrina is seriously the most gorgeous little girl ever. And that last one is so precious.

    Oh and Christian from Project Runway is coming out with a maternity line! A little too late for you though, huh? haha

    It’s called: FIERCE. Obviously.

  8. Lori Says:

    Oh so sweet!! Sabrina will be a great big sister!!

  9. EvaFionGuate Says:

    Oh my goodness! both girls are just the most beautiful babies ever!!
    the last picture is sooo cute!!

  10. Cathy Says:

    oh my word, that last photo is priceless!

  11. Tricia Says:

    You spoil us with pictures and we love you for it!


  12. Heather Says:

    Awwwww! How sweet! Love the kiss picture.

  13. Debra Says:

    Awww…Love the big sister kiss. I think Tessa really looks like her daddy in photo2. You can also use that line on Steve at 2am when she is awake.

  14. Alleen Says:

    Oh man, that last one melts you, doesn’t it??

  15. Anne Says:

    Ok, that was way too much cuteness for one post!! They are both so adorable 🙂

  16. Kelly Says:

    OMG How did Kecia even notice your toenails with all that cuteness? LOL They look good though.

  17. Bobbi Says:

    I noticed the toenails too!! It’s a post-pregnancy thing. They look awesome.

    You do have some really cute kids. Tessa is looking more and more like Steve!! Bunny Town is painful……but entertaining.

  18. Rhonda Says:

    Oh my goodness. Tessa is so bright eyed and bushy tailed. I can see her growing before my eyes. Your girls are so adorable. Hope you get some rest this weekend.

  19. Tera Says:

    Catching up…

    LOVE the LAST PIC…it is absolutely PRECIOUS!!!!

    Hoping for rest for you, friend! God bless.

  20. Kelly M Says:

    Too darn cute. That last picture is simply priceless.

  21. Angie Says:

    Aww too cute! I love the last picture. How sweet!

  22. Cass Says:

    That is cuteness.

  23. Samantha Says:

    i imagine that the tired of what you’re doing is like the tired of when i had mono. you feel it in every cell of your body? my thoughts are with you. thank god those two are so freaking cute…

  24. carla Says:

    SO sweet.
    and eight hours rest?
    you going out tonight!?


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