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August 26th, 2008

Am I the only one breathing a sigh of relief that the Olympics are finally over?

Every 4 years (or I guess it is 2 years now), I look forward to them. I enjoy the opening ceremony and watch all sorts of random events that I would never waste spend time watching outside of the Olympics. I love seeing the emotion playing across the different winners faces while they stand on that podium listening to their national anthem being played. I feel patriotic every time I see an American win (except basketball – those over paid prima donnas seem to think they are entitled to win and act shocked when they don’t). I love watching gymnastics (except rhythmic – I have trouble believing that is really an Olympic event), swimming (I don’t remember that many hot guys in past years…or is it because I’m old and married now?), diving, and a little track and field. But this year I also watched soccer, rowing, field hockey, weight lifting (makes me think of that SNL skit where the lifter pulls his arms off), ping pong, badminton (can you imagine telling someone that you had an Olympic medal and then having to cop to the fact it was in badminton?), water polo (like watching 12 year old boys who need to be medicated), equestrian events (poor horses), and so much freaking volleyball I could poke my own eyes out (it was like the Saved By The Bell of the Olympics – it was always on some channel 24/7).

After about 10 days, I was done. I had reached my saturation point with the Olympics. But there was still a whole week to go. Everywhere I looked while channel surfing was the Olympics. I felt like I should watch because…well because it is the Olympics. And invariably while we were eating dinner, my husband would turn it on and I would end up having to watch yet another volleyball match while eating my evening meal.

Then finally, blissfully, it came to an end. Last night, I turned on the TV. No more Olympics. Now the freaking Democratic Convention is on 12 channels. Oh eff.

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10 Responses to “Finally”

  1. mama k Says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who didn’t watch it. haha Well, I did watch 5 minutes when Phelps won and about 15mins of the diving. That was pretty cool.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Hey girl… I am WITH YOU!! I watched a few minutes of the closing ceremonies and said hallelujah!! Then, when I opened up my TV listings last night to finally see what would be on Primetime television… hit in the face with the democratic convention!! I turned it over to TLC and watched reruns of John & Kate plus 8 and thanked my lucky stars that I just have three kids!! Even though her kids are too freakin adorable and I love them all the more since they resemble my Bug!

    Hope that swing is giving you some good cuddle time with Sabrina! Or, better yet… NAPtime!!!

  3. Tricia Says:

    Girl, I haven’t gotten to bed before Midnight for 2 weeks straight and it has seriously been catching up with me!!

    Thank Goodness they are over – I am exhausted by it all! 🙂

  4. karen Says:

    I’m with Tricia on that one, and was planning to blog on it but never got around to it. I am exhausted!

  5. MizFit Says:

    me too! me too!
    I watched barely any.
    now to watch the olympic even which will be hil and bill trying to wrestle the spotlight from barak 🙂

  6. Amy Says:

    I second that! I was looking forward to the Olympics especially b/c of Phelps (Mike swam and dove in high school). I also love gymnastics, not sure why but God help me I do.

    I enjoyed the first 84 out of 331 volleyball matches, a badminton game, soccer, and even about 20 minutes of weightlifting. I endured the track and field events but you can only watch, what seemed to me basically the same 8-10 guys, run around a track so many times. I found myself secretly wishing someone would fall in order to break up the monotony. But I too was done after about day 9 -10. I craved something with a plot, something that didn’t require a ‘tada’ at the end.

    Here’s a question I have been wanting to ask you: Do you buy those Chinese gymnasts are a day over 12?


  7. Samantha Says:

    i’m soooo with you. for us the olympics came on the tail end of watching the tour de france which we obsessively and inexplicably gives our lives to for a month every summer.

    sigh. thank GOD for tivo at least we don’t have to watch the commercials.

    oh, and rhythmic gymnastics? um…

  8. Bobbi Says:

    I have been up WAY too late watching them too. I get sucked in.

    I am with you on the hot guys…….they are all too old. THese young ones just look immature babies. I have enough kids in my house!!!

    I was not happy to see the convention either. It is on more channels than the olympics were.

  9. Kecia Says:

    I’m a total dork. I loved the olympics, every second. I also am loving the DNC coverage. I must also tell you that I secretly love to watch the local government meetings on cable access..so I am a dork and I am loving the tv right now. I would however be completely bananas if the DNC were preempting Lost, so does that redeem me at all?

  10. emily Says:

    Too funny we were just talking last night about which sports should not be Olympic material.

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