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August 28th, 2008

We are headed north tomorrow.  That means many errands today to prepare for the trip.  Someone, meaning me, forgot to get the oil changed this week.  Despite the fact that I was the one who pointed out on Monday that it needed to be done.  And despite the fact that Steve offered to take my car to work with him one day and do it on his lunch hour and I waved him off insisting it wasn’t necessary.  Still waiting for my brain cells to return to pre-pregnancy pre-motherhood functioning.

I’m so excited to have brunch at my favorite place. We are very excited for everyone to meet Tessa and see Sabrina (she charms everyone who comes into contact with her).  Proud parents?  Nah.  We haven’t been home since Christmas so we are looking forward to seeing friends and family and just being home.  We will spend a little time in Ohio and then head to the Burgh for a couple of days.  Let’s hope an 8 hour car trip sans children doesn’t turn into a 14 hour car trip when 2 small children are added.


Tessa had her 1 month weight check this week.  She is up to 7lbs 12oz (1+ pound gain in 2 weeks) and the doctor was pleased.

Strangely, she slept last night from 10pm until 5am.  I’m not sure if I should celebrate or be concerned.  She shouldn’t go that many hours without eating yet but it was heavenly to sleep that many hours in a row.


Enjoy the long weekend!

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18 Responses to “Show and Tell”

  1. mama k Says:

    Meh. I’d enjoy the sleep when you can get it. My one friend had a baby that slept almost through the night from a few months old on. (Exclusively breastfed too.) She obviously growing and healthy!

    Enjoy your trip home. I hope the girls travel well for you.

  2. Farrah Says:

    What a last post before you leave and we see NO pictures!! How dare you torture us like that….

    Have a safe trip and YEAH on her weight she is growing really well…
    Hey enjoy the sleep, If she is hungary she will wake up!

    Love on both kiddo’s for us, Which I’m sure you do!!!


  3. Amy Says:

    Are we going to have time to hook-up? I will come to you if that is easier. Let me know when you can. I have some boxes of goodies for you. If we can’t get together this time, no big deal, then I will ship the boxes to you. I was just holding off because I knew that you were coming home this weekend (yeah, I called it home, what of it?).

  4. Bobbi Says:

    I wouldn’t worry about her sleep stretch. That is 7 hours, and it is common for one long stretch at that age. Maybe she will sleep through the night early—then I will hate you!

    Good luck on your trip. Hope you have fun and enjoy your brunch!!!

    I am sure there will be pics when you get back!!

  5. Angie Says:

    Have a great trip home!!!!

  6. Amy from JM Says:

    Christopher started sleeping through the night when he was 2 weeks old, and he was exclusively breastfed. So enjoy the sleep and don’t worry!!!

  7. Ashley J Says:

    Let sleeping dogs lie!!! mY #3 child did that from day one… and he did just fine. I know they say wake to feed… I would just push an extra feeding in during the day. As long as she is gaining… do not worry about it…GET SOME SLEEP!

  8. Kim Says:

    Hope your trip goes smoothly. And please celebrate sleep! My advice, never wake a sleeping child to sleep, especially if she’s gaining weight and doing well.

  9. Kim Says:

    oops I meant never wake a sleeping child to eat. mommy brain oops

  10. Shannon Says:

    I can’t believe she is a month old already! That went fast! Good luck on your big trip home. You should have so much fun showing off your gorgeous girls!

  11. carla Says:

    glad to hear you got that slice of sleep heaven.

    HAVE A GREAT TIME, kiss Ben Rothlisberger for me, and eat some O-fries for me.

  12. kelly Says:

    um…on the sleep…CELEBRATE! The lil’ angel will wake up if she needs to. (Madison slept thru the night at 5 weeks, BTW)

  13. Martha Says:

    Congrats on the good nights rest and have fun on your trip. Take your camera and post pics from the trip if you can. You know we will be checking!

  14. emily Says:

    If your coming through Cincinnati around 6 pm, stop by, were having a wine tasting party! LOL

  15. Rhonda Says:

    Have a truly awesome time Michelle.

  16. Abby (from Just Moms) Says:

    If she isn’t showing signs of malnutrition (sounds like she isn’t from dr. report), let the girl sleep…your sanity needs the break too! Safe travels to you!

  17. Kelly M Says:

    Enjoy your trip!

  18. Soltana Says:

    Don’t worry about her sleeping. Derek and Cerah both slept forvever, being breastfeed. If I “ahppened” to get up and they didn’t, I pumped, by the time they did get up the milk factory eas full again. Don’t worry, she seems full and happy.

    Hope you enjoyed your trip:) I KNOW all too well what a car ride can be…going to Indiana was SOOOOO FUN!!!!

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