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Can’t. Find. Mommy. Flask.

October 22nd, 2008

Tessa has decided sleep is for suckers. Sleeping through the night is a thing of the past. Our hubris is coming back to bite us.

Sabrina has just enough words in her vocabulary to narrate my entire day in triplicate. “Mommy coffee. Mommy coffee. Ooooo Mommy coffee.” “Tessa crying. Tessa crying. Tessa crying.”


Two public service announcements.

Cheri, Tricia and some other wonderful Guatmamas are heading to Guatemala in December to provide assistance to the country that bore our beautiful children. They are hoping to provide help for a medical clinic, a veterinary clinic, and some computer supplies to the Mayan Families organization. Visit their site and see if you can help with items they are collecting.

Also a reminder that the Mid Tennessee Adoptive Families Picnic is this Saturday, October 25, 2-6p at River Park in Brentwood. Join us if you can!


The time Sabrina is most jealous of Tessa? When I am taking photos. If I point the camera at Tessa, Sabrina begins to whine “Nina! Nina!” (She calls herself Nina.) She then tries to either jump in the frame or put one of her toys in the frame. It is much cuter when I’m not so tired.

Sabrina has decided she loves Tessa’s bumbo seat and squeezes herself into it when ever she can.

Sabrina is heavily into imitating me right now. She tries to burp us when she hugs us. She wants to “help” me change Tessa’s diapers. And she is taking care of her stuffed animals. She carried this little bear around all day yesterday wrapped up in a burp cloth. She tried to swaddle it, put it in the bumbo, put it in her booster, and in Tessa’s swing. I haven’t seen her beating her head on the wall or sneaking drinks from a pretend flask so at least she is seeing my more positive mommy behaviors.

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14 Responses to “Can’t. Find. Mommy. Flask.”

  1. Dirkey Says:

    Seriously cutest kids ever 🙂

  2. Vanessa Says:

    Too fuuny!! I have a jealous one here too!

  3. Julie P Says:

    You have the cutest stinkin kids! awww the joys of a toddler. We have such respect and awe that you parent a toddler and a newborn. If I was the cheerleader type I’d make up some silly cheer to make you smile and then I would jump around and wave pompoms to make you laugh. I hope you get some rest soon.

  4. Tracey Says:

    She’s practicing to be a mama!! How cute!

  5. Cheri Says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Michelle!!

    We got a HUGE donation today of RX meds – but we’re still needing all kinds of everyday supplies like childrens vitamins and band aids. These small items can make a HUGE difference in the health of child.

    And the pic of Sabrina in the bumbo… too freakin cute!

    Hugs, Cheri

  6. Bobbi Says:

    Can’t believe that Tessa is getting so big–and smiley!! Sorry about the sleep thing. Look on the bright side, at least Nina isn’t joining her.

    Reese is into copying too. I love how she is helping with Tessa. Sounds like overall she is doing really well. I can’t wait for the photo where she gets her butt stuck in the bumbo!!

  7. TNKerry Says:

    Too funny. A friend borrowed CiCi’s bumbo and recently returned it to me. Before I had a chance to put it up CiCi absconded it and has once again claimed it as her seat.

  8. Eugene Says:

    Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene

  9. tonya Says:

    What a hoot. You are going to have the best Christmas this year!!

  10. Ansley Says:

    Oh those faces!! Scrumptious.


  11. Anne Says:

    Ok, way too much cuteness for one post…Seriously, they are both just adorable. 🙂

  12. Katie L Says:

    Alex likes to sit in Carter’s bumbo as well…only he doesn’t have to squeez in there…I do, however, have to squeez Carter in 😉 Thanks for the laughs!

  13. Mera Says:

    okay this is my last comment 🙂 but I was just reading about Sabrina imitating you and Gabby totally does the same thing. Check out the pics from past posts of her stuffed animals. If Hunter goes out of his bumbo, bouncer, bassinet, you name it, in go all the stuffed animals who now need “changing” as often as Hunter. She also loves to “burp” Hunter. It is so funny that they do that.

  14. cate Says:


    Michelle Smiles » Blog Archive » Can’t. Find. Mommy. Flask.

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