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Charge to 200…Clear!

October 28th, 2008

Steve managed to revive my laptop again. I’m hoping it is feline because we are on life #3 or 4 here.


Tessa was one unhappy baby yesterday and Sabrina never. stopped. talking. all. damn. day. I might have teetered on the edge a little in the evening.


I think I need to go buy more Halloween candy today to pass out. Someone has put a dent in ours. In my defense, I didn’t open it because I knew better. But once it was opened, I couldn’t keep my hand out of the bag.


It only took me 3 hours to buy a new car. I asked no one about it. I did very little research. I found one I liked from a maker I trusted and bought it. It has taken me 8 months to decide on a double stroller. I have accosted women in the park to ask them about their strollers. I have read every review site I could find. I have talked to dozens of people. I have asked on message boards. I finally decided on 1. Then changed my mind. Then found the one I wanted $80 off because the color is being discontinued.

It is one heavy mother…but it rides and pushes like a dream. And I feel like such a MOM pushing it around. The single stroller didn’t scream MOM to me quite the same way. And how sad is it that my car only has 2 cup holders but my new stroller has 6?


If we ever decide to adopt again (calm down grandmas…the possibility is very very very remote), I think I’ll attach this photo to our homestudy under “childcare”:


Who? Me? Grumpy? I don’t know what you are talking about! And I resent the accusation.

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14 Responses to “Charge to 200…Clear!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Cracking up about the stroller with SIX cup holders!! Everybody can double fist it on a stroll – sounds like you need it! I know how you feel about the talking all. day. long. Gets crazy, huh?!

    Your girls are gorgeous! I can’t believe how big Tessa looks sitting up in her bumbo… time flies crazy fast!

  2. Bobbi Says:

    That is one rockin’ stroller!! It is tough to decide on that stuff. I am the same way with backpacks. It has taken several, and three children of my own, plus two that I have watched, but I have finally found the right one.

    I have a pic. of Cassie in the dog kennel. That would be sooooooo funny to attach! The look on the social worker’s face would be worth a lot of money.

    Funny how we want to them to talk, only so we hope they SHUT UP! I have the same conversation a thousand times a day with Reese. By dinner I am about to loose my mind. My family usually finds it amusing!!

    ICK hope Tessa is happier today that is never fun–especially with a little narrator. Eat more chocolate. It will make it better!!

  3. MizFit Says:

    thats the Cadillac of minivans…err, strollers.

    (know the movie?)

  4. nora Says:

    I am in the same boat – our double stroller makes me feel like I’m 10 years older and wearing mom pants, even if it does have a super cool color scheme (these things are important, aren’t they?) – and I’m talking about the double. I haven’t even dared to consider how frumpy I’ll feel next summer pushing a triple stroller…

  5. Amy Says:

    8 months to buy a stroller, 3 hours to buy a car. Yeah, sounds about right:-P


    PS – It is snowing here.

  6. Alleen Says:

    Yep, I do the same thing with purchases like that.

    LOVE that pic of Sabrina in the dog cage!!! Definitely homestudy material.

    Someone has taken over my child the last 3 evenings. She has always been high-maintenance, so you’d think I’d not be fazed. But, she’s taken it to a whole new level and is just beside herself over every.little.thing. Tell me this is not a glimpse into the next “phase”.

    Tessa is positively the cutest thing ever. I don’t believe a word you say….

  7. Type (little) a Says:

    So what brand is that stroller? I *may* need one soon.

  8. Vanessa Says:

    Sounds like my kind of shopping!! LOL!! I have a few of those child care photos myself!

  9. Burgh Baby Says:

    I only have one kid, yet I’m totally coveting a 6-cupholder stroller. Mmmmmmmm . . .

  10. amy Says:

    hah – I love that you bought a car in 3 hours and couldn’t decide on a stroller!

  11. Maria Says:

    Love the pics of the kiddos. I admit the talking and trying out all the new words, can wear you out. Some days I twitch. Then have a nice glass of wine to celebrate bedtime 🙂

  12. Samantha Says:

    omg i love that photo of sabrina and the pup. too cute.

  13. Heather Says:

    Glad your computer is revived. Great stroller!!! Our daughter has a lot of days where she doesn’t stop talking! I’m exhausted by the time she goes to bed. I’ve made a joke that her energy level is like a black hole that can suck the energy out of everyone else around her. Love that kid!

  14. Nicole Says:

    Great stroller- we have the same one and LOVE it. It is large and heavy but drives like a dream.

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