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Dream realized

November 5th, 2008

45 years after Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech, many of his hopes were realized – with the highest voter turn out in 100 years electing Obama.

But we still have fights to fight in our country. We are still legislating hatred and intolerance.

Proposition 8 passed in California banning same sex marriage.

Arizona and Florida also passed laws stating that marriage is a union between 1 man and 1 woman.

And Arkansas passed a law banning gay adoption.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take another 45 years to see the error of denying the rights of section of the American population.

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28 Responses to “Dream realized”

  1. Heather Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the failures to support same-sex couples and their families. I know I do, but I don’t live in any of those states to have a say. Unfortunately, my state (Pennsylvania) isn’t discussing it at all, I’m sad to say. I would like to know that if I ever had a situation to have a same sex partner, that I could be able to have the same rights as I do married to my current husband.

  2. Steph Says:

    At least in Florida, you can’t blame the “usual suspects” that everyone points to – Republicans or evangelicals. Because constitutional amendments take over 60 percent of the electorate to pass – and Obama won Florida fairly handily in the end. Obama supporters also voted for that amendment.

  3. Abby (from JM) Says:

    Crazy the laws the passed…we now have legalized medical marijuana is Michigan…it is a crazy freakin country we live in…

  4. Abby (from JM) Says:

    Hit send before putting this part in…

    we can now smoke pot legally, but some people are not allowed to choose their partner…CRAZY!!!

    I’m very happy to have been part of the Presidential history though!!!

  5. carla Says:

    so happy
    so disappointed

  6. Jenny Says:

    One (big) step forward…..

  7. Bobbi Says:

    Let’s hope this is a step in the right direction. Thank you for the other info. I did not know this. Makes me angry and sad. But, we have moved forward on one thing. Martin Luther King would be so proud!

  8. Jenna Says:

    today is a new step toward hope

  9. habesha child Says:

    Argh!! I am so frustrated that Prop 8 passed here in California. Where we are supposed to be tolerant! Bluch.

  10. DD Says:

    Nebraska passed the amendment to ban affirmative action within the state. While it’d be even better to not ever have needed it, nor continue to need it, right now that sucks.

  11. MMJ Says:

    I live in AZ and was so bummed that our marriage amendment passed. We voted it down in ’06 and can’t believe it was able to pass this time around. I was so proud of my “red” state back in ’06, but am now pretty embarrassed. It’s strange how much acceptance and hatred can be bottled up into one election.

    I am ecstatic about Obama’s win though!

  12. Jamie Says:

    I still can’t believe the vote in California (and I tend to lean quote unquote “Conservative!”)

  13. jane Says:

    SO happy about “Oh-Mama” as my toddler girl calls him…and so sad and embarrassed for the ignorance of my home state of Florida.

  14. muriel elrod Says:

    Obama is certainly not my dream at all! Let the taxing if my small business and my income begin! Get ready for the USSA! I am really bummed about prop 8 passing and the Arizona and Florida stuff. I am super super bummed about the banning of Gay adoption in Arkansas.

  15. muriel elrod Says:

    Obama is certainly not my dream at all! Let the taxing if my small business and my income begin! Get ready for the USSA! I am really bummed about prop 8 passing and the Arizona and Florida stuff. I am super super bummed about the banning of Gay adoption in Arkansas.

  16. Michelle Says:

    The president doesn’t pass tax laws – Congress does. Start writing your Congressional representatives!

  17. Amy Says:

    I second that Miss Mikki!!!!!! Yes we can!!!!

  18. Ale Says:

    US policy has impacted Central American politics and policies for so long that Obama’s win is such a relief and source of hope for us! I am so proud that so many latinos in the States voted Democrat, Obama is really a uniting force and the world needs exactly that!

    As for legalizing gay marriage…we’re light years behind here 🙁 it is still an uphill battle just to get people accept that humans are humans are humans and therefore rights should not discriminate anyone based on their sexuality.

  19. Anne Says:

    So happy about Obama, and so NOT happy about Prop 8 passing…BTW, I know you probably didn’t realize this (and have no control over it), but your blog had a very yucky “Yes on Prop 8” ad running for us folks here in CA. So glad that is gone! 🙂

  20. cass Says:

    I was so surprised that Prop 8 passed. Perhaps they didn’t understand that Passing actually meant Prohibiting. That was disappointing….but maybe an Obama administration can help lead the path to more equality across the country. I’m hopeful.

  21. Vanessa Says:

    I’m not an Obama supporter but I do pray that he can guide this country in the right direction!
    I wish people would realize that “gay” or “straight” doesn’t make a good parent!! I’m not gay but I do have lots of friends who are and they make GREAT parents!!

  22. Abby (from JM) Says:

    I agree with Vanessa-It should not matter what your orientation is…these children need loving homes regardless!!! What a shame!

  23. Gibb Says:

    I have to admit I’m really torn on the election. Happy to see Bush go. Happy to see an African American president. Not sure I’m happy that it is Obama. I think he is inspirational and energetic and I’m impressed how he got people to the polls to vote that might not have otherwise. But I’m not convinced he is ready for what he is inheriting. And I know Congress passes tax laws, but if some of his policies go through Congress will have to pay for them some how and taxes may be the only way. And my biggest concern of all…that some crack pot racist in this country is going to take a shot at him…literally…and what happens if they are successful. The chaos that will follow scares the hell out of me. But in the end I’m hopeful that everyone’s sudden interest in voicing an opinion and creating change will lead to good things.

    And the gay marriage and gay adoption bans…seriously I can’t figure out what people are so afraid of that they feel the need to pass these laws. Because honestly, if you’re not married to me I don’t care who you are married to.

  24. Shannon Says:

    I’m with you guys. Thrilled that Obama was elected and very disappointed that a lot of people still seem to need some group of people to hate. How does YOU being gay change how I am married? I don’t get how that supposedly threatens straight marraiges and the family instution. Don’t people get that gay people will be gay weather they marry each other or not? Marriage isn’t the thing that is propelling them toward “gayness” . Stupid people suck.

  25. Sara F. Says:

    I totally agree Michelle … I just said to my hubby the other night that this gay marriage issue is one that people are gonna look back on and be ashamed that it took so long for everyone to be treated equally … hopefully equality within this issue will be quick to come, but setbacks like the ones you mentioned are just plain crappy. Seriously …

  26. Ellie Says:

    You know what the worst part of the Ark law is… Not only G & L can adopt, but SINGLE STRAIGHT people can’t either! Nor can they foster… So what are they saying… Are they going to ban Single women from giving birth than??? If a single women can’t adopt and raise a child, who can a unwed mother raise a child? There is something VERY wrong here… Just my own opinion~

  27. kelly Says:

    ITA with Ellie.
    Many, many things wrong.
    I am hoping and patiently waiting for changes, though.
    Something’s gotta give…

  28. martha Says:

    It was a very proud day for America this week on the National level, people all over the world are celebrating. As for the states passing these GLB bans that is a huge step backwards. Why so intolerant!?

    I must have only conservatives reading because whenever I post something Proliberal or democrat nobody commments!

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