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A teaser

December 27th, 2008

I missed you all! I’m tired. We spent a little over 11 hours in the car today. Sabrina started throwing up around hour 2.5 and didn’t stop until hour 8. She has never been sick before and I felt awful that we had to keep strapping her back into her car seat. And 9 hours in the car o’vomit wasn’t exactly lemony fresh. But we made it home. More about our holidays tomorrow but I had to throw up a few photos because I’m in blog withdrawal.

We made it to Primanti’s. Ahhh…pastrami, cheese, cole slaw, fries, and hot sauce on italian bread.

I obviously had to drag Steve there kicking and screaming.

The most kid pleasing Christmas lights display we saw this holiday season:

Thanks to BurghBaby for directing me that way.

This was Sabrina about 20 minutes before The Great Puke of Aught Eight began:

We decided the official theme song for our trip home today was The Glamorous Life by Sheila E because is there anything more glamorous than cleaning up a puke covered 2 yr old in a McDonald’s parking lot?

My favorite bill board – “Tattoo Charlie’s…While you wait” in Louisville.

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12 Responses to “A teaser”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    Glad you are back. I have missed those babies–oh, and you.

    SO sorry about Sabrina. That is a long–and very smelly drive. Hope she is better today and you all don’t get it.

    Can’t wait for more details!!

  2. Jenny Says:


  3. Kim Says:

    I’m so sorry about Sabrina – poor baby! I love that billboard and see it at least once a week. I hope you waved to me as you were passing through Louisville!! 🙂

  4. Andrea Says:

    Poor Sabrina-that couldn’t have been fun for ANYONE. Hope you had a good time inbetween the puke fest.

    And LOVE the tattoo sign-as opposed to not waiting for your tattoo? Hmmmm….

    Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  5. Sarah Says:

    Hey… Tattoo Charlies is THE place for those kinds of things here! LOL!

    Sorry Sabrina was so sick but glad you made it home!

  6. Samantha Says:

    ever since i saw ‘supersize me’ puke and mcdonalds are melded in my mind, now this association has been further cemented. delish.
    soo sorry about all of that.
    that sandwich looks delish tho’ i must say.

  7. Angie Says:

    Yikes that does not sound like fun! I am glad you all made it home!

  8. Julie Says:

    OMG – that is insane. We drove 6 hours today and I was checking in to see if you made it back ok. I am so sarry Sabrina was sick. That is just awful. I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

  9. Alleen Says:

    That just plain doesn’t sound like a fun drive. Cleaning up puke is bad enough when it’s not in the car! Hope she’s feeling better. And more importanly, I hope nobody else gets it.

  10. martha Says:

    YOu are such a brave woman! I wormed my way out of a trip to the inlaws, by begging off because a nine hour drive is too much for a 2yr old! And we dont have an infant on top of it. Sorry about the puking, it makes me cringe just to think about. Bet you’re glad to be back!

  11. Jordana Says:

    I always laugh at that Tattoo CHarlie’s sign when we head up to Ohio.

    And the puke fest has been going on around here too. You have my sympathy.

  12. Amy Says:

    The Great Puke of Aught Eight – I peed a little hahahahahaha

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