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Christmas through a sugary haze

December 29th, 2008

We had such a wonderful time visiting family last week.

The drive north wasn’t too bad. The girls were pretty good. Tessa slept most of the drive and Sabrina talked for 1o solid hours. We spent a day and a half in Ohio. Uncle Mikey loves to feed Sabrina sugar. Sabrina eats pretty healthy food outside of our trips home so I don’t get too uptight about it. She enjoyed a mini donut while waiting for her eggs (and surprisingly Uncle Mikey didn’t have anything to do with it).


It is probably a good thing that Uncle Mikey and Aunt Rusty live so far away. Aunt Rusty ran out to buy Sabrina a play cell phone after discovering we hadn’t brought hers and Uncle Mikey ignored our determination that it wasn’t time to open gifts yet. But I guess that is why being an aunt or uncle is fun. The girls enjoyed their time with them and with “Grandma Freedebt” as Sabrina called Grandma Freida.

Aunt Rusty and Tessa:


The girls with Grandma Freedebt:


And Sabrina discovered her love of kitties while we were home. She loved Aunt Rusty’s kitty and our friends’ cat, Frankie (easily the coolest cat ever), and wanted to love my in-laws’ cats but they weren’t having any part of her.


Then we headed to Pennsylvania for a couple of days. We hung out with family and spent a few hours with friends. It was just 48+ hours of warm and fuzzy togetherness – we could have made a damned Hallmark commerical. Or Folgers because they used to make some tear jerkers – remember the guy who came home from college to surprise his mom and then his little sister snuck down the steps while he was making coffee? “Peter’s home!” Gawd. Anywhooo…

Tessa in her cute Christmas outfit:


The girls with Pap-pap:


Tessa spent 2 1/2 days napping on Pap-pap’s chest and now wants nothing to do with napping in her swing/bassinet/bouncy chair/crib. And Sabrina had a large and adoring audience for 5 straight days. She is having trouble adjusting to life as something other than a rock star.

My favorite photo from the week:


Spending the week up north made us home sick. It also made us sad that everyone else is missing out on being part of our girls’ daily lives and that our girls won’t be surrounded by family and friends except on holidays and trips. But despite the fact that those things suck, no matter how we turn things around in our heads, the economy in our home states is far worse than it is here. We couldn’t go home again even if we wanted too. That sad note aside, we had a wonderful holiday. I hope each of you did as well. I can’t wait to get caught up on my blog reading and see everyone’s holiday photos.

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9 Responses to “Christmas through a sugary haze”

  1. Alleen Says:

    Those pictures are great!!! Pap-Pap looks like he is in 7th Heaven!

    And yes, I remember the sappy Folger’s commercials….

  2. Anne Says:

    Wonderful pictures! Sorry to see the girls got no attention whatsoever…:) Glad you had a great holiday!

  3. Andrea Says:

    BEST COMMERCIAL EVAH! That little girl, “Everybody’s asleep!” just melts my heart every time. I could cry just thinking about that commercial. LOVE it!

    Cute pictures-Sabrina with the donut is classic. Every time we go to Nana’s house, my child is fed way more sugar than should be legal 😉

    Glad you had a great time. I totally get what you mean about being homesick but not being able to do anything about it. I’d move back to CO in a heartbeat, but that would mean living out of a cardboard box at this point, and quite frankly, I enjoy running water and heat.

  4. Julie P Says:

    Thanks for the reminder about those commercials, it made me smile. I totally understand the “no relatives close-by sadness”. I am glad the sugar high of the holidays is over.
    The girls look adorable in their Christmas red and white. Ally ate her first chocolate candy (or I should say 4-8 of them in one day) last week at Grandma’s and asked for some yesterday – we don’t have chocolate candy at our house, so she was out of luck!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Bobbi Says:

    I miss those commercials!!! I think it is great that you let family spoil the girls–especially since they don’t see them much. I am sure Sabrina and Tessa agree.

    Poor Sabrina. What a long drive that must have been for you all–not to mention the free air freshener she gave you—UGH!!

    I imagine it is hard to go home and have to leave. But, I am glad you are back!!

  6. Kim Says:

    Glad that you had a good trip and a good Christmas.

  7. anonymous in NYC Says:

    Love that Folgers commercial. Its not even dated when it airs. I didnt see it this year. Gets me every time.

    Here is the video for those feeling nostalgic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4kNl7cQdcU

  8. Gibb Says:

    Hard call on the moving back thing. I want to live down south and never have to deal with snow and ice and below freezing temps again…ever…I hate it all. But my sister lives here and my parents are only four hours away. So I will continue to freeze my ass off in the name of my kids being near family. I hope some day things work out for you to come back north. The economy won’t be bad for too long…not sure why I think that I just do.

  9. Amy Says:

    You know how much I miss you and would be giddy if you even came closer to Ohio. Do what’s best for you and your family. Maybe get a webcam.

    Wanna hear something funny? While you were in OH and PA, I was in TN visiting my parents. We probably passed each other on the highway. Hope Miss Beana feels better.


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