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Even my new year post is late

January 3rd, 2009

My 2008 was filled with fear.  I spent the first 7 months convinced my pregnancy would end badly.  I spent the remainder of the year convinced something awful would happen to our beautiful new baby – I checked to be sure she was breathing so often that my husband stopped teasing me about it.  You know it has left the realm of cute quirk and moved on to concerning neurose when people stop joking about it.

My 2008 was also filled with love and laughter.  My wonderful huband, amazing daughter, and new baby girl make me laugh and remind me to be thankful every day for all we have.

Who knows what 2009 has in store?  I’m actually hoping for a quiet year. The past 4 years have been a roller coaster (mostly good things) and I would be okay with a year of ordinary – even a little dull thrown in.

I don’t make resolutions.  Mostly because I don’t keep them and don’t want to start the year as a failure.  Also because in the years that habit should have formed, I was too inebriated to be making life altering resolutions just before the midnight hour struck.  My final excuse reason is that I find an entire year too be too overwhelming.  And I imagine I would make undefined resolutions like: being a better person, being healthier, etc.  Those things are so subjective that they are difficult to acheive.

I did make 1 resolution.  I will get the family photo album started up to date.  Other than that, I will simply say that my December pledge to hop on the treadmill every day is upped to 25 minutes for the month of January.  The rest I’ll make up as I go.

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7 Responses to “Even my new year post is late”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    I am with you on resolutions. And, I didn’t even do a New Year’s Post, so you’re ahead of me!!

    You did have a great year. I hope 2009 is boring for you.

    25 minutes for the month?? Might be reasonable. I know I am lucky if I can exercise for ONE MINUTE straight without interuption:>) So, one minute a day, and a day to rest in between, and you should be good!!

  2. Michelle Says:

    That’s 25 minutes a day in January. LOL That will teach me to write posts when I am tired.

  3. cass Says:

    I’m kinda bummed that you brought up the checking on the sleeping baby thing. People stopped joking about me doing it too and I thought they just accepted it as normal…now I see they are just being “careful” with me. Whatever though – I’m in charge of making sure she’s still breathing and if I have to check every five minutes that’s what I’m gonna do.

    Cheers to a completely low key, easy, normal and slightly dull 2009!

  4. Kim Says:

    I don’t do resolutions either, but I do hope that I can potty train two of my three by the end of 09.

  5. Samantha Says:

    Happy New Year!

    In place of resolutions I do ‘themes.’ You can’t fail, it’s impossible. It’s a firm intention that you can keep bringing your energy/focus back to.

    Hey, maybe I should put better grammar on my theme list for 2009? I never seem to know quite what to do about sentences that seem like they end perfectly well with a preposition.

  6. Sonia in MO (FTC) Says:

    So if you still check to see if they are breathing when they are 3 years and 3 months – does that fall into crazy or quirky?? πŸ™‚ I haven’t slept through the night since my daughter came home in February of 2006…even when she spends the night with Grandma I still catch myself waking up out of habit to check. But after so many years of longing, wishing, and praying for a child… not to mention the multiple miscarraiges I went though… there’s a secret part of me that is always afraid, like you mentioned in an earlier post, that I somehow slipped one by fate. I’m thinking maybe when she’s about 6 I will finally be able to relax a bit… or possibly when she’s 8 πŸ™‚ But then she will hit the teenage years and it will start all over again :::sigh:::

    I’ve been lurking on your blog since you received your referral of Sabrina….and have always enjoyed your posts – you really have a gift when it comes to writing πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing it with all of us! Best wishes to you and your adorable family in 2009!

  7. Rachel Says:

    Please tell, how will you update your family photo album? I haven’t even started one yet. I have so many megabytes of stored pictures with no where to go!

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