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Equal opportunity

January 5th, 2009

Since I didn’t have any Sabrina photos last time, here are a couple.

Sabrina loves hats – as long as they aren’t hats that I want her to wear. She is very 2 that way – also very cute.


She loves to imitate mommy. Sadly, I must spend too much time on the computer because she was very excited at Christmas to borrow her cousin’s “laptop”. Abuela decided to get her her own for Christmas. Now Sabrina walks around talking about her “puter”.


I channeled my inner Martha Stewart this weekend by personalizing the girls’ stockings. We won’t discuss the ornament painting fiasco – I hope to work the kinks out of that project later this week.


I’m so curious to see how the girls interact as they get older. I hope what I’m seeing now isn’t a glimpse of the future because Sabrina is incredibly bossy to Tessa and already trying to pick fights with her – and she can’t even talk yet. If Tessa is babbling, Sabrina will yell “No Tessa! Tessa no talk! Quiet!” If Tessa is in the same room while she is playing, Sabrina will snatch up her toys and yell “No Tessa! Nina’s toys!” When Sabrina is eating, she tells Tessa she can’t have any of what she is eating. “Nina’s yogurt!” It is funny but I fear it is shades of things to come.

In other Sabrina news, she is such a daddy’s girl that it is almost painful. It has reached the point that if I say “Mommy loves you” she’ll yell “NO!” at me. If I say “Daddy loves you” she responds “Okay” or “Yes!”. I remind myself that it is a fuzzy concept for her right now but I have to admit it sucks.

Rachel asked about my family album plans. Steve bought me a beautiful album for our anniversary (*cough* in 2007 *cough*). It is still empty. I’ve neglected to start a proper family album because I feel overwhelmed. We take hundreds of photos each month – to edit and print the good ones seems like such a huge task. My resolution is every 3 months to pick 3 photos from each of the previous 3 months and 3 months from the previous year, edit them, and print them at Walgreen’s (or Snapfish – whatever). Hopefully, by the end of this year I will have a pretty good start on the family album because if I wait until I can do it all it will never get done.

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7 Responses to “Equal opportunity”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Sabrina might be the prettiest little girly ever. Tell her to send me an email hehe 🙂

  2. Type (little) a Says:

    Speaking as the little sister, Sabrina will never stop bossing her sister around. NEV-AR.

  3. Heather Says:

    Great pics! Sabrina is a little cutie. BTW, I noticed with my own little Daddy’s girl that once she got to about 6 years of age, it changed and became all about the Mommy. She still loves her Daddy, but now she’s really more focusing on being like Mommy that she wants to be where ever I am and letting me know how much she loves me. Oh, but the funny thing is I’m not cool according to her. My friends and her friends’ mothers are, but not me. Too funny.

  4. Melany Says:

    LOL. That made me laugh – and feel better. The thought of Sabrina yelling at innocent little Tessa is so funny. And so something Pilar would do.

  5. Meena Says:

    I think what Sabrina is doing with Tessa is pretty normal. Tessa is still new and Sabrinas age right now makes her more aware of her own things and space. Serena does some of those things now with other people since she doesn’t have a sibling just yet and sometimes when I tell her I love her she says “no, no mommy” and then she laughs. They just want to have some say in things now.

    Sabrina is just the cutest thing ever. What a smile!

  6. Debra Says:

    Alexis doesn’t have a baby sister to yell at, so she yells at the dog instead. Maya gets yelled or blamed for everything. LOL

    I feel your struggle with the family album. I save all my photos on Shutterfly after a very painful computer crash and lost all my photo including our honeymoon in Greece pics. So I make a Shutterfly book. They can be time consuming but once it is done I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I am working on the 2008 book, I pick a couple photos from each month and do it in order by month. I did 2007 last year and gave it as gifts to the grandparents. They loved them. I also make some special small books (ie. bapitism, family vacation, etc.) throughout the year. I just finished a book of her preschool artwork. I hate clutter and have this intense urge to throw everything away but I can’t throw away her artwork. So every month I take the stack and photograph it, then put in a Shutterfly book. Stole this idea from an Oprah show. But it eased my guilt of wanting to toss it, even though it is still in a box. But one day it is going to be a very big box. I also save all the blog entries to CD by year so I will have a digital baby journal for her.

  7. Bobbi Says:

    I think your family album plan sounds good. I don’t have one at all, so you are a step ahead.

    Sabrina is just a ball of cuteness. At least in pictures!! She sounds soooooo two. Reese is very into MINE and NO too. I feel for you with the Daddy’s girl thing. It stings when they push you away.

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