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Normal morning

January 8th, 2009

Me: Good morning sunshine!  Did you sleep well? What would you like for breakfast?

Sabrina: Yogurt? (With a cute smile and encouraging nod.)

Me: We are out of yogurt. How about eggs?

Sabrina: Toasted cheese? (With an even cuter smile and more emphatic nod.)

Me: How about eggs? You love eggs.

Sabrina: Toasted cheese? (Exceeding maximum cuteness factor.  Starting to look slightly maniacal.)

Me: We are out of cheese slices so no toasted cheese.  We are going to have eggs and toast this morning.

Sabrina: *Sobs* Toasted Cheese! Waahhhh!!

Lord help me when she finds out we are out of fruit snacks at snack time.  I think we need to go to the store before she stages a coup d’etat.

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6 Responses to “Normal morning”

  1. Kim Says:

    Yep – been there – had that conversation. (although mine was the opposite – I was trying to convince him he wanted toasted cheese for supper when all he wanted was eggs – which we were out of) I hope your afternoon went better.

  2. Bobbi Says:

    My favorite is when a friend of mine’s little girl wanted an apple, and they didn’t have any. She cried for three hours over that apple!! When they want something, they want it.

    Sounds like you need to have her make a grocery list……….

  3. Alleen Says:

    Sounds sooooooooooooooo familiar. If we are out of bananas and yogurt in the mornings, it ain’t pretty.

  4. Burgh Baby Says:

    At my house it’s waffles, orange cereal (Frosted Mini Wheats), blueberries, and bananas. Never be without all four of those items because you just never know which one will be on today’s menu. If you are out of it? DO NOT TRY TO SUBSTITUTE. It will not end well if you do.

  5. Meena Says:

    Sounds just like the conversation that happens here in the morning. I have one question. Being from NJ I’m surprised I’ve never heard of “toasted cheese”. Is that a southern name for grilled cheese?

  6. Mera Says:

    I know right! Sometimes when Gabby throws the ultimate “what do you mean I have to take off my Tinkerbell dress” tantrum or really any two year old tantrum as there are plenty, I just say “oh baby there are so many other things to get bent out of shape about. This is not one” Of course, the tantrum continues but at least I feel better for saying it.

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