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The post about nothing

January 15th, 2009

I tell you this story because A) what I discovered in the photo below made me chuckle and 2) I got nothing blog worthy today.

When I started dating Steve, I started spending a lot of time in Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh wasn’t foreign to me – I used to go to shop at Ikea or wander around now and then.  My dad was from the area and he loved the ‘Burgh.  I was a casual Steelers fan but didn’t care all that much about football.

In Pittsburgh, there is no such thing as a casual Steelers fan.  You are A FAN or you aren’t.  The city embraces their team in a way I’ve never witnessed any where else.  For example, the mayor Luke Ravenstahl has changed his name to Luke Steelerstahl temporarily (we are playing the Ravens this weekend to determine who plays in the Super Bowl in case you aren’t following along).  No one in Pittsburgh sees that as weird – they just chuckle because it hadn’t occured to them.  After I moved to Pittsburgh I was amazed at how the Steelers effect the mood of the entire city.  When they are doing well, people are a bit nicer and happier.  How well they are doing determines how long this bouyed mood lasts – the year we won the Super Bowl you would have thought someone was putting Prozac in the water supply.  The Steelers truly bring the city together in a way that is hard to make people understand if they haven’t lived there to witness it.

Anyway, when I started spending time in Pittsburgh, in order to fit in I decided to buy a Steelers sweatshirt to wear on the weekends.  We were in in the Strip District one Saturday and I found one that was pretty cheap and decided to pick it up.  I’ve had this sweatshirt for years and worn it many times but I didn’t notice until this past Sunday why it was such a great deal.


For those who aren’t aware, the Steelers play in the AFC not the NFC.  Oops.  For the record, Steve never noticed either.

I had it on last Sunday when we went shopping for the Dyson.  We decided to Tivo the game because we are spoiled and hate commercials.  We turned the radio off in the car so we wouldn’t accidently hear about the game.  We avoided the TV section of the store in case it was on.  We made sure we were seated in an area of the restaurant that we couldn’t see the TVs in the bar that were playing the game.  Neither of us got on the web when we got home in case we could happen across the results.  We decided to get the kids to bed and then enjoy the game in peace.  We were just getting ready to sit down and watch the game when Steve heard his phone beeping to alert him to a new text message.  My mother had texted us both to say congrats on the win.  (We still love you mom.)

And as a bonus for sitting through my stupid stories, a little kiddo cuteness.



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5 Responses to “The post about nothing”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Oh, the Steelers definitely dictate the mood in our house (dh is from Western PA). I always ask people to pray for me, our son, and our dog when the Steelers are on. ;)But, it’s hard not to catch the wave!

  2. Alleen Says:

    That’s hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! I swear I think Ferdy would have noticed… After all you went through to avoid knowing the outcome of the game…….. oooooops.

    that’s an AMAZING picture of Tessa.

  3. Anne Says:

    Oh, your girlies are SOOO CUTE!!!

  4. Bobbi Says:

    Oh, I had a good chuckle over your Mom’s text!! you worked so hard for that!!

    Thanks for the girl pics. They are adorable

  5. artsweet Says:

    Someone is teething big time! What a cutie.

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