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Putting baby in a corner

February 17th, 2009

We are putting away infant items to make way for bigger baby stuff. It is rather sad to me. This weekend we had to find room for the high chair. Well, first we had to find the high chair.

We knew exactly where the high chair and the cover were. No they weren’t together – haven’t you been following along here? I’m not that organized. We weren’t sure where the straps were – they weren’t with the seat or the cover. But Steve located them in less than 10 minutes so I was impressed that after a year+ and 1 move we were able to locate all of the parts. Well not all of the parts. There is a clear plastic tray which snaps over the white tray. No idea where that might be. (If we hadn’t been living in an apartment, if we hadn’t moved, and if I hadn’t been very pregnant, I like to think all of those things would have been stowed away together.)

Look how tiny Tessa looks in this seat.


Sabrina has discovered the word cute. She was drinking her milk and watching me edit these photos. She declared herself “oh cute! Nina so cute!” in her Valentine’s dress.


And completely off topic, I ran out of Splenda and being cheap picked up a small box of Sweet N Low until I can get to Sam’s to get a big box of Splenda. Sweet N Low tastes like ass in my coffee. That is all.

PS Okay, that isn’t all. White Trash Mom asked my blogging secret because all of you keep visiting her?!? How crazy is that? The woman has a book out and wants to know how I have such great mind control influence over all of you that you click to go visit her! I told her its cuz you all lurve me so much. *Smooches* I adore you all too.

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18 Responses to “Putting baby in a corner”

  1. Karrie Says:

    She’s right! She is cute in her Valentine’s day dress!!!

  2. martha Says:

    I just eat sugar because of being cheap. ANd because i think Splenda Sweet and Low and the blue stuff is unnatural somehow…like a bunch of chemicals.

    Baby girl Tessa looks like a tiny doll in that High Chair. So sweet.

  3. Michelle Says:

    *Update* – Steve tells me he knows where the tray is. LOL

    And yes, it is all unnatural and chemically! I choose to ignore the scary make up and embrace the calorie free sweetness.

  4. Krystal Says:

    Tessa does look so tiny!

    Use the cute with Sabrina — Parker will do almost anything if I tell her that she looks cute doing it 🙂 Works for PJs, getting dressed, getting coats on, shoes on, and even “Oh Parker, let’s brush your teeth — clean teeth are so cute!” Works like a charm every time 🙂

  5. Alleen Says:

    Sabrina is very right about being cute!

    I heart my Splenda and so if it’s not that that kills me, something else will.

  6. Burgh Baby Says:

    We haven’t moved yet I’m pretty sure I have no idea where our high chair might be hiding. That generally means my husband has moved it, though. He probably stuck it somewhere really logical, like in a box with Christmas ornaments. That’s just how he likes to roll.

    Sabrina is pretty astute. Cute is damn right.

  7. Tonya Says:

    Ass..welll Ok. I seem to enjoy iced tea with a bit of sweet and low.
    I will now think of ass while I drink it.

  8. Vanessa Says:

    I ditto her cuteness!! I HATE sweet n’ low too!

  9. samantha Says:

    sweet and low tastes like ass because it is ass. sweet ass.
    you should try stevia. you can get it at the health food store, it doesn’t affect blood sugar at all, and it is made from a plant. i’d say about 1 of 10 people find it bitter (i am one of them) but most people really like it!
    dare you…

  10. Bobbi Says:

    NINA IS SOOOOOO CUTE!!! Love the v-day outfit.

    Tessa, stop growing up. Yeah to you for not just buying a new one!

  11. kelly Says:

    ewww. who wants to drink ass-flavored tea?
    Wouldn’t unsweet be better than ass-flavored sweet?
    Tessa is really beautiful. It is so hard to make those transitions though, and see them growing up.

  12. Jody W. Says:

    I keep emergency Splenda in my purse. And a bag of that “substitute this for sugar!” Splenda in the cabinet. ITA about the assity of SweetNLow.

  13. Rhonda Says:

    Ahhhh, she is CUTE and I can’t believe how teeny tiny Tessa looks in the high chair!!!

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