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Tessa Tuesday Take Two

February 24th, 2009

Miss Tessa is sitting up.  She still falls over if she tries to turn or reaches to far for something but she is very proud of herself.


Here she is showing off one of her new consignment sale outfits sans bib.


She has a tooth on top and 2 on bottom that are threatening to come in so she drools and chews like it is her job.


And she started crawling a little bit this weekend.  Backwards.  She kept trying to reach for a ball that was in front of her and ending up under the coffee table.  She didn’t think it was nearly as funny as we did.


After the last Tessa Tuesday, someone suggested I do Sabrina Sunday.  I do realize that Sabrina pictures are a little sparse these days.  But it is for good reason.  Behold my attempt to get a photo of her in this cute sweater she received for Christmas – I thought I would send it to Aunt Iveta so she could see Sabrina looked darling in it.





After 23 tries, this was the best photo – and only 1 of 2 that I could actually see the sweater.


But the Dyson sure looks snazzy in the background, doesn’t it?  Proof that I clean.  Or that I never put the vacuum away.  Whatever.

So that my friends is why there won’t be a Sabrina Sunday anytime soon.

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8 Responses to “Tessa Tuesday Take Two”

  1. Melany Says:

    LOL. Ok – I LOVE the phase of learning to sit up. Tessa looks SO cute. Pili was just learning to sit up when she came home – she’d topple over and Griff would yell, “Baby down!”

    And Sabrina’s reluctance of posing for the camera is very familiar. I do love the little outfit. And the Dyson – although I admit – I do have some Dyson envy.

  2. laura k. Says:

    i love her sweater! i am having the same problems getting my two 3 year olds to smile for pics also. tessa is so cute! so you really like your dyson? we are thinking about getting one…..

  3. amy Says:

    Ha!! That is why I’m so happy to get good Shark pictures. He is never still and if he knows I taking his pic, he does that fake-smile thing they do.

  4. debbie Says:

    So funny. Glad to know mine isn’t the only three year old who won’t smile pretty for pictures. What is it with the cheesy smiles anyway?

  5. Alleen Says:

    I love the shell-shocked look on Tessa’s face!!!!

    And yes, that is a very cute sweater on Sabrina, even if it was quite the feat to capture it!

  6. Bobbi Says:

    Sitting up? Crawling?? When did she grow up?? What a little doll that baby is. She is beautiful.

    HA!! Must be the age. I can’t get a shot of Reese either to save my life!! Love the sweater, though

  7. martha Says:

    They are both adorable! Wow Tessa is really moving along.

    So I think its time for a ‘Ive had it for a while, now here is what I think of my Dyson’ review. I am thinking about getting one.

  8. Rhonda Says:

    Oh my gosh, what cutie patootie’s! I just can’t believe how quickly that little Tessa is growing up!!! Cute sweater!

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