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Bounce, bounce

April 13th, 2009

It was a big weekend for Sabrina. We took a trip to Target and picked up some Dora Pull Ups and some Dora panties and Elmo panties. That is some exciting stuff. All through Target she yelled “NINA’S DORA PANTIES!” So we spent our Easter hostage to her little bladder. When does the having to go every 20 minutes thing lessen? Because wow the clapping and celebrating and pulling on and pulling off of the pants and pull ups gets old quickly.

In addition to the Dora pull ups, Sabrina was running around on a sugar high yesterday.


The basket mommy put together had a lamb, 2 things of bubbles, a ball, and 2 very small items of candy. The basket that Grandma sent? A stuffed rabbit and a boatload of candy. Steve thought we should let her do what kids do and consume mass quantities of candy. Then she ran in circles for 3 hours.

She was quite cute with the stuffed rabbit. She thought it was THE Easter Bunny. She kept thanking him for the candy and trying to share it with him. And she had the Easter Bunny and the lamb talking to each other “Hi Easter Bunny”, “Hi Sheep. Baaa baaa.” The cute rarely ends in our house.

Steve usually puts a little basket together for me and then sends me on a hunt for it, directed by clues on post it notes. The first year we were together, the clues were so ridiculously hard that I ended up getting irritated. It was something along the lines of “If e=mc2, solve for x”. My apartment was probably 500 sq ft and I couldn’t find the next clue. Since then, Steve has worked to make them a little less difficult. This year, I found a clue on my coffee pot. It said “Someone stole your battery”. That is a line from one of our favorite comedy CDs – and it is about a car battery being stolen. So I went to my car and there was my basket. I remarked that was awfully easy. Apparently, I was supposed to go to the battery drawer and then about 6 other places before ending at my car. Oops! Sorry honey – but thanks for the candy 🙂

And a gratuitous photo of Tessa. It is a couple weeks old but I love the Muppet pants.


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8 Responses to “Bounce, bounce”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Sabrina sounds like quite cute in deed~~I just almost finished potty training Olivia! She stays dry night and day but still poops in her pants most of the time!! 🙁 When will it stop??

  2. Nikki Says:

    Your girls are just too cute!!!
    I agree on the potty training, it is more torture for the parents!! Liv will never tell me when she has to go so I spend my days asking her and reminding her to go potty. Never thought my days would be consumed with talking about going to the bathroom!!!

  3. Angie Says:

    Finally Gabbie asks us. She now goes every hour to two hours but she drinks a lot of liquids. It has gotten better though. The worst part now is when we go somewhere. She is always in underwear except for bedtime so when we are out we have to take her when she asks immediately. Sometimes she asks in the car so we have to stop somewhere if we are not close to home. That part really stinks! Plus she loves to go in other bathrooms so when we are out she asks to go a lot:( That is frustrating! She is doing great though so we can’t tell her no even if it is 3 times during 1 meal at a restaurant:( Good luck!!!

  4. Burgh Baby Says:

    Why can’t we average out the trips to the potty? Alexis holds it for hours and hours and hours, and it drives me freakin’ nuts. I’m a nervous wreck the entire time because I know she needs to go. I KNOW IT. BTW, when I say holds it for hours? I mean the kid was going 10 hours w/o a trip to the bathroom while we were at Disney World. She didn’t have any accidents, but for 8 of those hours I was soooo convinced an accident was imminent that it cut into my fun.

    LOOOOVE the Muppet pants!

  5. Laura Says:

    Just sending you some love for the potty training stage. I think it is stressful for both parties. Since my boy has been staying dry during naps and at night, I swore I was done getting pullups. We are on the last one tonight. I might cave in and go to Target tomorrow, though.

  6. samantha Says:

    are you sure you can get credit for the right answer if you don’t actually SHOW all the steps (not yelling but no idea how to make italics happen here)? i think he should make you start over.

  7. carla Says:

    they are both SO ADORABLE, Michelle.

    I think potty training was easier here because emma didnt nap—and she will definitely be in diapers until PROM at night.

    my master plan was yanking the diapers and commencing the underpants.

    made of a nasty weekend or so—-but then she got it.

    kind of.

  8. Rhonda Says:

    We do the same treasure hunt for Christmas with the teens and they too get slightly irritated.

    I don’t know about the pull up thing but I’ve about had it with these blasted expensive diapers. I keep talking about going POTTY but nope, no interest. Whatever and whoever said it was easier potty training girls????? My boys were a cinch to train and these are driving me nuts with it 🙁

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