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Purple flowers

April 14th, 2009

For Maddie.  Her funeral is this afternoon.  All of my good thoughts are going out to her family because I’m not sure how you get through the task of burying your 17 month old baby girl with any shred of sanity intact.


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4 Responses to “Purple flowers”

  1. amy Says:

    I absolutely cannot imagine. It’s so hard for us all, at a distance, to think about Maddie. I just can’t imagine.

  2. nora Says:

    For 12 hours we thought we would have that task ahead of us. I couldn’t get my head around it then and I hope to never have to. I can only imagine and its hard to do even that.

  3. Krist aka BAMAGIRL Says:

    That story dang near broke my heart!! I can’t even imagine the pain! It’s just too much to even think about. My prayers have been with this family since I heard what happened (through yours). May God bless them in the days ahead!!

  4. Bobbi Says:

    I don’t even want to imagine. How thoughtful.

    Enjoyed your Easter post. HUH, sugar high–aren’t they great!

    Good luck w/the training. I was lucky, both girls would go a long time. In fact, Krista used to pee something like 3 times a day.

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