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No chicken for you! Come back 1 year.

April 16th, 2009

After getting my hair cut, I didn’t want to cook. At Steve’s request, I went to pick up some dinner at KFC. KFC doesn’t provide a plethora of choices. You’ve got chicken in a couple of forms and some side dishes. No burgers. No fish. No turkey clubs. Just chicken.

I pull into the drive thru and find the man in the car in front of me engaged in conversation with an employee through the intercom. I’ve learned to dial back my impatience a little bit here in the south. People here like to have conversations in situations in which northerners would cut you for making small talk. But there are limits.

Man: I’ve been wanting to try that new grilled kind. Is it good?

Employee: Most people seem to like it.

Man: If I didn’t get the grilled, what are your other kinds?

Employee: Regular and crispy.

Man: What is the difference? Is the regular crispy at all? Because my wife likes it pretty crispy.

Employee: It is a bit crispy but if she likes it crispy, you might want to order the crispy.

Man: I have some coupons at home. How much would I save with them?

Employee: I’m not sure sir – depends on the coupons.

Man: Should I go home and get them? We just live down the road a bit. We’ve never been to this KFC before even though we are just down the road. Oh probably only 2 miles or so.

Employee: If you want to go get the coupons, we can get you fixed up when you come back. (I must say, this young man had great patience. I could tell he was trying to hurry him along but he was never less than courteous.)

Man: Well, I just don’t know. And I’m not sure how many pieces to get. What do you think?

Employee: How many people are you feeding?

Man: 4 I think. Unless Bobby has a friend over. I think the 16 piece would be too much but the 12 piece might not be enough.

Employee: We have a special on the 7 piece for $9.99. You could get 2 of those.

Man: But then again if Bobby’s friend is there…

At this point, to avoid ramming my car into him, I drove around and went inside. I ordered, paid, and waited for our food. As the girl was handing me my order, the kid from the drive thru window came over and asked if I had been behind that gentleman. I laughed and said I had. He apologized profusely and I told him I thought he did a great job of dealing with him. He said he had JUST gotten him to pull ahead.

Memo #462

Dear Sir:
You are too stupid to order chicken. Go home.


A woman who really wanted some mashed potatoes

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13 Responses to “No chicken for you! Come back 1 year.”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    ROFL!!! Even an a born and raised southerner I think I would have doen the same thing, or maybe not!! I think I may have rolled down the window, screamed something at him, and more than likely stuck him the hawaiian peace sign as I drove around him!!

  2. Ashley Says:

    For the love of….

    You must be acquiring some real patience living down there – because I was starting to feel my blood pressure raise..

  3. Dana Says:

    About half way through the dialogue I yelled inside my head “OH COME ON………….” Yup, you’re getting some patience. I couldn’t handle just reading it! They sure are different down there. Some positives and some negatives. Love your posts.

  4. Kim Says:

    I feel really bad for the drive thru worker – I think they have goals for how quickly they move people through the line. Hopefully the time didn’t start until the guy ACTUALLY placed his order. 🙂 Amazing.

  5. Jinny Says:

    I know for a fact company’s have secret shoppers.They are PAID to ask so many questions & you better smile! They then grade you,god help the employee if this person is in a bad mood.

  6. Sonia in MO (FTC) Says:

    ROTFLMAO! Okay, that was too funny! I needed a good laugh to start my day off!!!

  7. Megan Says:

    ROFL! I was becoming agitated just reading it! I have a zero tolerance policy for stupid people! My hubby gets the biggest kick out of it because he can read it on my face that I am on the edge!!

  8. ale Says:

    You won the pacience award of the month!!!! I bow to you from Guate, I would not have kept my cool for $1000…Oh Bobby!

  9. Jenny Says:

    I think you’re being a little hard on the poor guy… 🙂

  10. Alleen Says:

    Seriously… only you.

  11. Krista Says:

    Oh my gosh. Probably not your intention at ALL, but this post just makes me miss home (middle TN) a little bit. Not so much the guy asking a billion ?s, but just the pace of life. I can’t imagine that happening where I live currently! Everybody rushes around here, not into small talk at all. It feels a little crazy to me. But when we come in for a visit, I will be sure to avoid that KFC!

  12. Jen Says:

    Seriously cracking up……

  13. Sarcastic Mom (Lotus Carroll) Says:

    This made me laugh very, very much.

    Thank you for that.

    (and seriously? that kid from the drive-through needs a RAISE)

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