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Cookie! Stat!

April 23rd, 2009

ickI am repulsed by this girl’s body.  I want to force feed her a sandwich.  This isn’t beauty – this is a disorder.  She is reminiscent of a Holocaust victim.

This Australian model was a contestant in the Miss Universe pageant.  The story is here.

It makes me sad that we do this to girls in our society.  I so hope that I can instill a healthy body image in my girls as they grow up (note to self: work on your own).

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14 Responses to “Cookie! Stat!”

  1. Dirkey Says:

    wow thats disturbing

  2. Elle Says:

    What is worse is that the Ms. Universe pageant is supposed to showcase women with “healthy” bodies. No wonder girls have such a warped sense of self.

  3. mama k Says:

    wow. visual ribs are never a good sign.

  4. Alleen Says:

    that’s awful…

  5. samantha Says:

    a sandwich would be a good start but that’s the tip of the iceberg here, i’m afraid. i feel sad for this woman…

  6. Melissa Says:

    I saw this on one of the morning talk shows today. I know I’m no Skinny-Marie, but be serious people! Emaciated, yes. Good looking, no. No way. It makes me sad that looking like this is all the rage (see: Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie, Olsen twins, most other Hollywood ladies…). How are does this help our girls? Pass me another cheeseburger!

  7. Maria Says:

    What a sad sad girl…..I hope she has a family who can get thru to her that she is very very sick…

  8. Ale Says:

    force a sandwich on her and a huge FINE on people who let girls like her enter any competition, apply for a modeling job, etc…if she should be in a magazine is on a medical journal about eating disorders…

  9. Dawn from old AB Says:

    Cookie? I was thinking intravenous fluids…

  10. Rhonda Says:

    wowser, how sad for her…………..

  11. nora Says:

    I’m with you on helping our girls have better self images and I need to work on my own… I’ve stopped subscribing to anything that has fashion articles in it (except Lucky Mag – which is more about stuff and less about the people that wear them – and my secret obsession.)

    Do you think they’ll cover it when she’s hospitalized for dehydration? Or osteoporosis in 10 years?

  12. Burgh Baby Says:

    My question is how did she win? Did Australia not have a single woman who was more attractive? Cause that? Is not attractive.

  13. Aunt Lulu Says:

    I watched the video on her, too. Eeewwwww. On the bright side, there’s also the video of the English beauty queen who, at a healthy size 4, has been told to bulk up for competition because they want her to be more curvy. In either case, I think people put too much emphasis on physical beauty and not enough on healthful foods and lifestyles.

  14. The Crazy Cougar Says:

    OMG!! And I’ll bet she thinks she is beautiful. So sad the messages we receive through the media about our weight. It should be about being healthy, not how thin one can be.

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