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My Inner Martha Isn’t Happy

May 17th, 2009

dsc09761-1When I saw this post about an adorable butterfly collage, I knew I had to steal the idea make one for both of the girls. It has been in my ‘ideas’ folder for awhile with many other creative things I will probably never get around to want to try. The internets is choke full o’ creative folks with great ideas.

I dragged Steve and the girls to Michael’s yesterday to get a few things to make one. A bajillion dollars later (seriously I feel so inspired when I walk in that place sadly it fizzles once I’ve left the parking lot), I returned home and started punching butterflies out of every piece of paper in the house. (If you happen to have to use the powder room when you visit me, don’t get too engrossed in any of the articles because you will likely find a butterfly shaped piece missing at an important junture in the story. Sorry about that.)

dsc09762My first attempt has left my inner Martha frustrated. I measured, remeasured, drew grids and had the calculator out and still the spacing isn’t right. They are too close to the edges so I have to break out the ruler again. And I don’t like the frame – it is too heavy for the butterflies. I want to find something simpler. But I will try again. And the one for Tessa’s room? It isn’t butterflies…it is a crab punch out that will be cuter than cute! (I call her my little crab or crab apple because she is a bit of a pill in comparison with her sunny sister.)

(Oh and if you are related to me? You might find one of these under this Christmas tree this year because once I perfect them, it will be a darn cute gift idea so forget you ever saw this.)

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28 Responses to “My Inner Martha Isn’t Happy”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Maybe if you take out one of the rooms they would space better? Either way, I love it and want to try it 🙂

  2. Kelly Says:

    That is a really cute idea. I hate when things go wrong with billion dollar Michaels’ projects.

  3. Rachael Says:

    Even imperfect, it is cute!

    Adding now to my “maybe I’ll try this someday” file.

  4. Meredith from Merchant Ships Says:

    Michelle, those are precious! I’m sure you’ll stretch that initial investment into many uses!

    You could do a whole birthday party with loads of cut out butterflies perched on cupcakes, hung from the chandelier, and glued on the invitations.

  5. Bobbi Says:

    I think they look great. I suck out loud at crafty stuff. Maybe I will try this…….

  6. Andrea Says:

    I think yours looks great! Who says they can’t be close to the edges? It’s your own creation!

  7. Habesha Child Says:

    wow – I am seriously impressed!

  8. Rhonda Says:

    wowser, love those. What a great idea and good job 🙂 Can we pretend I’m related at Christmas? LOL

  9. mama k Says:

    Ooh I love it! I might have to give this a go next time I get a Michael’s coupon.

  10. Angie Says:

    I think yours looks pretty darn good to be honest! I am so no crafty/creative. I wish I could do stuff like that but I can’t even cut a straight line with scissors.

  11. melany Says:

    I love it! I think it looks great… and if you know me – you know that I am crafty – but so not a perfectionist, so when I look at this – I’d say – WOW! It’s done! And it looks good!

  12. Jody W. Says:

    Wow, that is far beyond my capabilities! But then, so is housecleaning. Good job!

  13. Virginia Says:

    I stumbled on this post and it caught my eye. I think this is such a cute project. I’m already starting to think of how I could adapt it to my decor. Thank you for inspiring me!

  14. Kathleen Says:

    I love yours just as much as I love the “original”! You did a great job! I looked at yours and instantly loved it, and couldnt imagine the original looking “better”! Well done! 🙂

  15. Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage Says:

    So cute! I have a heart punch that will make this look, too. I might just do this! I like yours better than Martha’s though, it has more personality.

  16. amy2boys Says:

    That is ADORABLE! It turned out great! You have to post the crab one – it sounds too sweet.

  17. DD Says:

    I might have to give this one a go. I’ll have to figure out a boy’s themed one…

  18. lilfootsmommy Says:

    it’s AWESOME! I LOVE the frame! It’s perfect! I so have to try this! I’ll let you know if/when I do! heehee

  19. Dana Says:

    Love it! Love the frame too but I do agree with you that it’s a little heavy for the delicate butterflies. Put a nice black and white photo of your girls in that. It’s a great idea to do this for each of your children. It’s definetly a keeper for them. I give you credit for taking the time to do this too. I’m sure it took some time.

  20. carla Says:

    SO CUTE and you are farfarfar more talented in that arena than I could ever hope to be.

  21. Michelle Smiles » Blog Archive » Then she announced “I got crabs!” Says:

    […] Remember last month when I made the butterfly collage for Sabrina’s room? Well, exactly a month later, I finally made Tessa’s crab collage.? The 50% off sale on frames at Hobby Lobby yesterday finally allowed me to buy a frame without guilt.? I spent forever doing a grid for Sabrina’s butterflies so they would all be even and straight.? And I still wasn’t happy with the result.? So this time, I threw my OCD caution to the wind and just eyeballed it.? There are crabs that are a little off but really the butterflies aren’t any straighter. […]

  22. Yeah So Says:

    I am so stealing, er borrowing this idea – the crabs are too freaking cute and i have one of those punches around here somewhere….

  23. Atef Says:

    Andy, I love it. Hits the point with your usual reliable aarcuccy. Jo – you are too nice. I have recently faded in my understanding of painfully shy beings. It’s so hard to keep trying with them. Shyness at a point just turns into lazy rudeness. Pardon me, I’m grumpy bum today. I’m exhausted from trying to get one particularly rude/shy friend out of her shell…

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