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May 19th, 2009

You know that curse that all mothers utter at some point? The one that goes “I hope some day you have a child just like you?” Yeah well I have a feeling my mom’s curse and Steve’s mom’s curse joined forces. Steve and I both admit to being somewhat devious mischievious in our younger years. But neither of us got into Big Trouble because we understood the art of flying under the radar. My sister was often in Big Trouble (hey Rus? I think you are still technically grounded) but I rarely was. I was viewed as a good kid for the most part.

dsc09776Sabrina already understands the art of flying under the radar. She is an exceptionally good kid whose bad behavior is chalked up to being 2 and normal. Tessa? Obviously there is a lot yet to be determined, but so far I’m a little scared. She is a little firecracker at 9 1/2 months old. I have a feeling she is going to be a challenge. Yesterday, she catapulted herself out of her exersaucer. I was reading a magazine and the next thing I knew, she was on the floor and crying. She is fine but I can’t believe she escaped it. Sabrina used it until she was at least 15 months old and never even tried to escape. I have a feeling life will be interesting with these two.

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18 Responses to “Curses”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    ROFL!! Hands full indeed~~But the cuteness does help them out a bit!! LOL!

  2. Krista Says:

    Can you raise the exercauser sides so that her feet are barely touching the bottom? That way she won’t have so much ‘traction’. They are both adorable!!

  3. Laura Says:

    No? That sweet little angel? Never!

  4. nora Says:

    Augh! I was not expecting to read that at all! No one told me THAT could happen! I used the saucer with both my older girls until they were around a year… I was anticipating using it until Amalia was at least that…

  5. Jenny Says:


  6. Mel Says:

    LOL. Oh yea! My youngest daughter was just like that. She even got out of the crib at 8 months. I still don’t know how she did it. Just wait until your two girls join forces. LOL.

  7. Deb Says:

    I am thinking Tessa wants to be free like Sabrina. So unless you put Sabrina in the current baby holder- Tessa is going to figure it out. At least that is what my younger blames all her “bad behavior” on- apparently she wanted to be just like me. I, of course, was the perfect child compared to my sister.

    Love to you,

  8. Bobbi Says:

    oh, that picture says it all!!! It’s the second child syndrome! They are the death of you–and if they aren’t, you try for #3:>)

  9. Hadyn Says:

    Yep, I live in your world. Multiplied by Y chromosomes, no less.
    S is a complete brute – moody, stubborn, and temperamental. Particularly shocking compared to his walking-on-sunshine elder brother, X.
    We doubt we’ll ever have a mousey, bookish introvert in the bunch but who knows.

  10. Rhonda Says:

    yup, we have that in our house too!!! Keeps you on your toes all the time!!!
    Very glad she wasn’t hurt. They are both so adorable.

  11. Julie P Says:

    Fabulous picture of the 2 of them. What a riot that Tessa escaped the Exersaucer. Life is never dull as a parent is it?

  12. Alleen Says:

    oooh boy… I surely know all about having a spirited, independent, fiery little girl. Hang on tight and go quickly to find some patience now and store it up ’cause you’re going to need it!

  13. Ruthie Says:

    HA! I’m with you! It took four kids for us to get a walking temper tantrum, but we have one now! As for the exersaucer…I can do you one better…the walking temper tantrum was in his on the front porch. (I was there! He was well away from the edge! Don’t call Child Services on me!) He started jumping in the thing and the next thing I knew, he had bounced it off the edge, down three steps, and onto the concrete sidewalk. Exersaucer given away the next day!!

  14. Heather Says:

    Oh my! I never heard of a kid escaping an exersaucer! Sounds like you are in for it! I remember my daughter’s good friend in day care who started walking at 9 months. Her parents always had this “OMG” look on their face. I wonder what “the boys” will be like and if they will keep us on our toes.

  15. Burgh Baby Says:

    That is why I think it might be an excellent idea to stop at one. Alexis is just like me when I was little, which means we are still due a Devil Child to pay back Mr. Husband for his many atrocities. YIKES!

  16. Jody W. Says:

    Hubby and I were both well behaved, easy kids, but I heard a rumor I had a bad temper if crossed. The trick was not to cross me.

    Hm. Do children’s personalities translate to adulthood consistently?? 🙂

  17. Kerry Says:

    Exhausting personality – but so much fun!!!!!!!!See the good my friend, see the good 🙂
    Well, I took a blogging break, but I think I am really and truly back now. Your blog was about the only one I kept up with and sadly the main reason was because I could never remember my own blog address and would use your blog to get to mine. I have now changed the name of my blog – mainly so that I can actually remember it – and also so that I don’t have to use you like that….
    Please relink me – in case I forget my new address.

  18. amy Says:

    But they are so cute!! I guess you still need a battle plan though!

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