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Every one needs to stop growing up RIGHT NOW

July 21st, 2009

dsc00077For the 5 of you who aren’t my friends on facebook or twitter (social media is making my blog feel redundant – but I keep coming here because it is hard to ramble in 140 characters or less), Sabrina got her big girl bed this weekend. She loves it. She tells me every morning “My Dora bed is booootiful!” Notice the lack of a Dora sticker on the head board? After admiring Steve’s handiwork putting it together, I said “You put the headboard on backwards because the sticker is facing the wall.” He was rather indignant and informed me “It isn’t on backward. I just put the sticker on the wrong side.” I’m not sure that wasn’t equally worthy of comment but I let it go.

We told Sabrina there were 2 rules about her big girl bed. 1) No jumping on the bed and 2) She has to stay in bed and call for mommy when she is ready to get up. After 2 days, we have had 100% compliance with the rules. We’ll see if that lasts after the novelty wears off. She is currently so excited that she runs and jumps into bed without complaint at bed time. My girl is wearing panties all the time without accidents (still doing Pull Ups overnight) and sleeping in a big girl bed! *WAH!*

dsc00038I had no intention of reaching this crib-leaving milestone until she was in Kindergarten since Sabrina seemed to have no desire to climb out or abandon her crib. But Miss Tessa is a completely different story. She had a drop side crib. Every morning betwee 5:30 and 5:45 she would start rattling the drop side of her crib which we could hear in stereo over the monitor and through our ceiling. She wouldn’t start complaining to get up until an hour later but rattling her cage made it difficult for the rest of us to sleep. Also, the mattress in her crib didn’t drop as low as the one in Sabrina’s stationary sided crib. I found her standing on her bumper and looking over the side with a glint in her eye. Within the hour, I was looking on line for toddler beds.

Tessa inherited Sabrina’s nicer, heavier crib which sits lower and can’t be rattled. Sabrina is now in her beloved Dora bed. When the time comes, we will convert the crib to a toddler bed for Tessa. My babies need to stop growing up right now! Tessa will be 1 year old next week and Sabrina will be 3 in just over a month.

dsc00058I was surprised that Tessa didn’t bat an eye at the change in sleeping arrangements. While Steve was finishing up putting the crib together in her room, I was changing her for bed. She seemed rather freaked out and kept saying “Mama mama mama mama mama” while watching the activity. But once everyone left and she had a few quiet minutes, she calmed right down and then went to sleep with very little coaxing.

Sabrina is so routine driven and very firmly entrenched in that toddler place called “MINE!” that we feared giving her crib to Tessa would cause trauma or distress. She couldn’t have cared less about her crib now being Tessa’s. She now has her Dora bed and that is all she cares about. So, again I underestimated my kiddos. They continue to surprise me.

But seriously, the growing up needs to stop now. I want my babies to stay babies just a little bit longer.

dsc00083And just as an aside, I was making sure all of the outlets in Sabrina’s room had covers on them since she is now free to roam at night. Her room is 13’x12′ and she has 8 outlets! I don’t think we had 8 outlets in the entire downstairs of our house in Pittsburgh.

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15 Responses to “Every one needs to stop growing up RIGHT NOW”

  1. Burgh Baby Says:

    Is it wrong that I’m laughing that you bought a Dora the Latina Whore bed? Cause I am.

  2. Angie Says:

    First off way to go Sabrina on no accidents!!!!! Sounds like she is doing great! What a big girl!

    Second I love the pictures and the bed. Gabbie hasn’t tried to get out of her crib and actually seems to like it so for now the plan is to move her to a big girl bed in kindergarten!!! I am sure it will be earlier, but I can dream! Sometimes I think of switching but I am pretty sure she wouldn’t listen to rules like Sabrina does:(

    Gorgeous picture of Sabrina at the end! She is growing so much! Where has the time gone?

  3. Angie Says:

    Love the Tessa pictures too! So cute!

  4. Laura Says:

    I still read your blog ‘cuz I haven’t friended you in fb. I love your story and completely agree that they need to stop growing. With both of ours, we’ve skipped the toddler bed and have gone straight to twin beds, at less than 2 years and a half. AND they’ve loved it! Sabrina looks so proud and grown up in in that last picture!

  5. Vanessa Says:

    I wish my kiddos could stop growing too!! My baby girl is going to be 3 at the end of the month!! Where does the time go?
    I love her new bed! And both of the girls are so beautiful!

  6. debbie Says:

    I keep telling my girls to stop growing too! It is going WAY too fast.
    Love the pics of the girls. So beautiful.

  7. Laurie Mitchell Says:

    I too read your blog as often as I can as well as facebook so do not stop blogging! I am crying as I just returned from Target buying school supplies for my upcoming 2nd and 5th graders! One more year and Josh will be in middle school…AAAHHHHH! 🙁 (It may seem early, but you will learn to buy school supplies as soon as they come out to 1. avoid the crowds 2. get a good selection 3. so you don’t have to buy school supplies, pay school fees and pay for school pictures all in the same month!) I am proud of Sabrina (and for the record…they don’t stop growing!)

  8. Debra Says:

    So count me in your group not on Facebook or Twitter. My exhusband is keeping me from joining. I have major privacy issues with him.

    Love the Dora bed – too cute! What a big girl Sabrina has become! Alexis is going on week 8 and still does not get out of her bed. Yeah! But she knows we are watching her on the video monitor and sometimes “hams it up” for the camera.

    Tessa cracks me up with that little devilish smirk. I think you have your hands full 🙂 I still love reading your blog and watching the girls become BFF.

  9. Dana Says:

    Absolutely adorable pictures of your girls! It is so sad that they grow up so fast and I dread it everyday. People tell me to forget about it but “they’re only this young once” and I’m not nearly ready to give up the babies. It is hard to believe Tessa’s going to be one already. Very hard to believe. It feels like you were just living in Guatemala! I started following your blog just before you went there to live. Time flies. Great pictures of the two of them.

  10. Rhonda Says:

    Ahhh, I love seeing and hearing about the girls and I haven’t had a chance to do much at all with facebook and/or twitter. I’m having all I can do to keep up with my blog, haha

    BUT why oh why are our babies growing so fast. Seems like we keep looking forward to the next developmental step and then they get there and I want them to go back! Of course the potty training is one area, I wouldn’t MIND HAVING a change in! She absolutely refuses to sit on the potty chairs or the big girl potty. TOTALLY content to stay in diapers but then says “I pooped”! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  11. Kim Says:

    We switched Lilly and Emerson over a couple of months ago. Lilly still loves to tell people that she sleeps in a big girl bed. Often it’s the first thing out of her mouth when meeting someone. They still call for me when they wake up. I was afraid that I’d have roaming children, but not yet.

  12. jane Says:

    I’m resisting the transition to big girl bed. Cara’s feet AND head don’t touch each end yet! And I guess she’s decided to potty train herself since I haven’t encouraged it. She’s worn panties and had very few accidents for the past 3 days now. Guess you really cannot stop them from growing up…

  13. Ale Says:

    Hey, DON’T stop blogging, please. Facebook is great but it is not like blogging at all. When my sister was a baby she loved rattling her crib. We thought it was really funny to watch her walk up and down her crib rattling it like a crazy baboon.

  14. Jenny Says:

    Thanks for humoring those of us who don’t do FB!
    I am envious of your no-diaper toddler. *sigh*

  15. Yeah So Says:

    Oh I hear ya. My monkey actually ASKED for a big boy bed but I pretended I didn’t hear. I’m not ready yet!

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