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We called a professional this time

July 23rd, 2009

Miss Sabrina had her first hair cut today. She did a great job – no fussing at all.


I suppose that might have had something to do with my promise if she was good:


The child loves cupcakes – or at least the idea of cupcakes. She has only ever had a cupcake once or twice but for whatever reason she is enchanted with them. She pretends to eat one every day at the table while I feed Tessa. I asked her what flavor she wanted and she said “Strawberry!” I wasn’t sure that they would have strawberry but if you look in the front you might be able to spy a pink cupcake with white icing and a pink candy crown on top. Guess what flavor that is? Strawberry. They are so big they put them in a bowl.


I am not a fan of icing so the 3 inch high icing makes me gag a little. But I did try one that had significantly less icining on it (Southern Comfort – she said it was like pecan pie w/o the goop) and I have to say it was the best cupcake I’ve ever eaten. It was divine. I still scraped off half the icing but wow it was yummy.

I told Tessa if she would get on board with eating actual food I would get her a cupcake from this shop for her birthday next week. I don’t think she was on board with that plan.


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8 Responses to “We called a professional this time”

  1. sarahbb Says:

    Oh, YUM! I am SO a fan of 3″ high icing. What is this cupcake place?

    (Also, your kids are completely adorable.)

  2. Bobbi Says:

    I’ll get my haircut too!!! Actually, thanks for the idea. Reese HATES haircuts, but LOVES dake (cake). Maybe we will get or make a cake next time. Whatever it takes!! Wish we had one of those cupcake places!!

    Tessa, get on board child. You don’t know what you are missing! AND, how did you get to be a year old?????

    I am going to try a box of those cinnabon bars. Much less guilt!!

  3. Ashley J Says:

    YMMM… I love me some GiGi’s. I would tell you my fave… but I do not really have one fave. The red velvet is tops on my list though. GREAT IDEA!

    Also… if you are ever downtown Franklin try IvyCake too. It is attached to the Franklin Merchantile (maybe on 4th Ave)

  4. Rhonda Says:

    Cute do 🙂 oh, my fav, cupcakes with a caramel macchiato!!

  5. Julie P Says:

    Ok the attitude in the last picture of Tessa is amazing. Watch out for her! Great haircut – and nice reward!

  6. rusty Says:

    Dude southern comfort cupcakes can’t beat that sabrinas hair looks cute better than last time haha stevo

  7. Christy B. Says:

    Tessa, my baby doesn’t like to eat real food either! She did take a shine to the icing on her birthday cupcake last week, however. So…give it a try!

  8. sig Says:

    Sabrina looks great! OK, I seriously need to visit that shop, I heart cupcakes, and so do my kids. We have nothing like that here!

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